057) Aura Reading

Aura Reading – The ability to read auras.  Aura Perception is also known as Aura Perception, Aura Sense, Aura Sight, Aura Vision, Ecto-Vision, and Kirlian Eye.

Literary Critique of Aura Reading 

I first ran into the idea of aura’s when I was thirteen and reading the works of Lobsang Rampa. I never ever was able to “see” and aura despite countless hours following the directions in his books but I do think different people seem to exude different colors that one can sense rather than see. The illustration below is from one of his books.


A diagram that also shows chakras.

Justice (New Universe) can see auras (Justice V1 #1).


Luna Maximoff (Marvel) reads the aura of Karnak in Silent War #2.


Trading Card Aura Reading


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