494) Whip Manipulation

Whip Manipulation – The ability to manipulate whips for superhuman effects.

Catwoman (DC) enlists a teacher to learn how to use the whip in Catwoman V1 #1.


Githany uses a lightwhip in Star Wars – Jedi vs. Sith #4 (Dark Horse).

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Syonide (DC) uses an electrified whip in DC Who’s Who V1 #22.


The Whip (DC) used an normal whip expertly in DC Who’s Who V1 #25.


Whiplash (Marvel) can tear steel apart with his whip in Tales of Suspense V1 #98.


Bullwhip (Fantagraphics) likes to use a bullwhip to fight The Misogynist, Raingod and the Time Vampire. (All Time Comics: Bullwhip #1).

Lash LaRue is a cowboy with a whip in Lash LaRue Western #3 (Fawcett).

Whip Wilson is yet another cowboy in Whip Wilson V1 #9 (Atlas).

Batman (DC) uses a “force-ray” on Superman in World’s Finest V1 #145 but this weapon is clearly a whip but perhaps the word whip is a dangerous one given Silver Age comic book regulations.

Trading Card Games have a surprisingly high number of whip related cards.

Bull Whip

Laser Whip

Monofilament Whip

Star Trek-Ferengi Whip

Whip of Despair

Whip of Many Thongs


The New Mean Arena – Electrowhip – 2000 AD #856

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