247) Kitsune Anatomy

Kitsune Anatomy – The character has the form and/or characteristics of a kitsune i.e. fox spirit.  Kitsune become more powerful and wiser with age.  Kitsune Anatomy is also known as Kitsune Mimicry, Kitsune Physiology, Yoko Mimicry, Yōko Mimicry, Yoko Physiology and Yōko Physiology. Similar to (188) Fox Anatomy.

Literary Critique of Kitsune Anatomy 

Kitsune can have the following powers:

222) Illusions

230) Insanity Manipulation (others)

348) Possession – Kitsunetsuki or possession by a Kitsuni is an actual psychological disorder.  In myth, kitsune especially like to possess beautiful young girls and a special exorcism must be done.

198) Ghost Manipulation – Some kitsune can commune with spirits using the skull of the departed person.

Tea Fox Illustrations by Sarah Graybill at https://teakitsune.deviantart.com/


389) Shape Shifting  Sandman (Vertigo) – The Dream Hunters (2008)

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Dreamweaver Kitsune

Daji is by far the most famous fox-spirit and has appeared in video games, movies, trading cards and tv shows.


Da Ji (Koei)

Daji (Rival Kingdoms)

Daji (Gods of Rome)

Daji (Smite)


Daiji -​ League of Gods (2016)

Daiji – Legend of Chinese Titans (2012)

Daiji – The War Records of Deification (2018)

Daji – The Last Woman of Shang (1964)

Trading Cards

Da Ji-Silk and Honey

Daji-Deadly Infatuation

Daji-Iconic Heroes

Daji-The Pleasure is Yours


Daiji – Gods of Honour (2001)

Daiji – Heavenly Ghost Catcher (2010)

Daiji – The First Myth 2 (2015)

Daiji – The Legend and the Hero (2007)

Daiji – The Legend and the Hero 2 (2009)

Daiji – Zhaoge (2018)

Daji – The Gods (2018)

Daji – The Investiture of the Gods (2014)

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