274) Mediumship

Mediumship – The ability to summon spirits.  The medium doesn’t to go where the ghost lives i.e. a haunted place.  The spirit comes to the medium.  Mediumship is also known as Ghost Whispering, Post-Mortem Communication and Spiritual Affinity.  A subcategory of (198) Ghost Manipulation.

Literary Critique of Mediumship

The ability to only see the recently deceased that happen to be hanging out a particular spot they residents of during life over is (437) vision (ghosts).  A medium is more powerful than a person with ghost vision.  Brother Voodoo (Marvel) has this power (Strange Tales V1 #170).

Mediumship–Brother Voodoo (Marvel)- Strange Tales V1 #170

Doctor Mirage – Valiant Universe Handbook 2016 Edition #1 (2016)


Fighting Yank – Official Golden-Age Hero and Heroine Directory #1


Marta Dobrescu is a medium and a lawyer in Astro City #39 (Vertigo).


Nightwolf Mortal Kombat 9 (2011) Prima Guide


Papa Midnite (Vertigo) consults the loa using a skull as a tool mediumship in John Constantine V1 (2011).

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