423) Superhuman Reflexes

Superhuman Reflexes – A reflex action, differently known as a reflex, is an involuntary and nearly instantaneous movement in response to a stimulus.   Superhuman Reflexes are also known as Enhanced Reaction Speed, Enhanced Reactions, Enhanced Reflexes, Enhanced Time, Heightened Reflexes, Hypermotility, Immense Reflexes and Super Reflexes.

Literary Critique of Superhuman Reflexes 

If you also have (428) Superhuman Speed then you can dodge bullets easily!  Spider-Man (Marvel) has superhuman reflexes.  Spider-Man also has (120) Danger Intuition that allows him to dodge surprise attacks.  Spider-Man also has (428) Superhuman Speed.  Dodging bullets is easy for Spider-Man.

Superhuman reflexes–Spider-Man (Marvel)

Cassandra Caine (DC) cannot dodge bullets at the same level as Spider-Man but can handle one shooter head on no problem due to her enhanced reflexes.

Daredevil (Marvel) doesn’t have super speed and should be more at the same level as Cassandra Caine but nevertheless dodges bullets in a manner similar to Spider-Man in Daredevil V1 #217.

Wonder Woman (DC) has (431) Superhuman Strength so she doesn’t need to dodge and does her unique game of bullets and bracelets.  If Wonder Woman didn’t have superhuman strength then obviously the kinetic energy of the bullets would knock her off her feet even if the bracelets were indestructible.  For example, a bullet proof vest can prevent a puncture from a bullet but could still allow for a broken rib since the vest cannot negate kinetic energy.

However, Wonder Woman also has (241) Invulnerability so Superman (DC) wonders why she doesn’t let the bullets bounce of her chest like he does.  The answer is illustrated below.

Neo (The Matrix) is a pretty good bullet dodger as well.

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