445) Teleportation (other)

Teleportation (other) – The ability to teleport someone or something within that person’s line of sight. This is a good example of whether the power can be applied to one’s self or another object/person is of utmost importance.  The ability to teleport others means teleportation can be used as a weapon and not just as a form of transportation.  Similar to (347) Portal Creation, (446) Teleportation (self) and (499) Wormhole Creation.

Literary Critique of Teleportation (other) 


Early on in the history of the Marvel Universe, Kang the Conqueror (Marvel) teleports Thor’s hammer. Why didn’t Kang teleport Thor to the center of the Sun instead of his hammer in Avengers v1 #8?

In A-Force #2, Medusa (Marvel) uses a teleport disk to teleport a major hitter away from the battle scene.

Teleportation (other)–A-Force #2 (2016)

Thor (Marvel) teleports the Juggernaut (Marvel) to another world in Thor V1 #412.

Blink (Marvel) teleports different pieces of a man to different places killing him instantly in X-Necrosha-The Gathering #1.

Loki (Marvel) teleports the Absorbing Man to a frozen wasteland in Journey into Mystery V1 #122.

 Doctor Doom (Marvel) teleports Iron Man from Latveria to New York mystically with a snap of his fingers in Invincible Iron Man V2 #2.

Teleporting objects means you can drop them on someone’s head as shown in Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan #1.

Doctor Doom (Marvel) teleports The Hood (Marvel) to India in Infamous Iron Man #1.

Juggernaut (Marvel) is teleported to a nether realm in X-Men Blue #1.

Bruce Banner (Marvel) uses a pocket teleporter to take out Nightmare (Marvel) in Hercules: Fall of an Avenger #2.


The boom tube is a teleportation device in the DC universe that is used a great deal in story lines (Who’s Who in the DC Universe #11).

Teleportation (other)-Boom Tube-Who's Who in the DC Universe #11

In Justice League of America V1 #12, Doctor Light (DC) not only teleports members of the Justice League of America away but to different worlds that are particularly inhospitable.

Teleportation (other)–Doctor Light-Justice League of America V1 #12

In Justice (DC), Siniestro (DC) uses a stolen boom tube to teleport Green Lantern to the farthest reaches of reality from which Green Lantern cannot return.

Teleportation (other)–Green Lantern-Justice #4 (2006)-8 Teleportation (other)–Green Lantern–Justice #6 (2006)-7

In Superman: In Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow, Superman uses teleportation as a deadly weapon by using the Phantom Zone Projector at the same time Mr. Mxyzptlk tries to teleport to back to his own dimension.

Aquaman (DC) uses his Justice League Teleporter card to teleport the Shaggy Man (DC) into space in Aquaman V8 #9.

Doctor Manhattan (DC) transports a crowd of protestors in Watchmen abruptly and two of the protestors have heart attacks!

In Pantheon (Lone Star Press) there is a super villain named Death Boy who thinks he is disintegrating superheroes left and right but is actually teleporting them to another dimension.   Death Boy has force field generation and line of sight teleportation and is able to take on the equivalent of the Justice League.  Two superpowers can be very powerful if they are the right two superpowers.  There really should be something like teleportation resistance to prevent a character like Death Boy from being overused(Pantheon #2).

Mark Millar shows the reader that teleportation can be a power that ends fights before they even begin in Jupiter’s Legacy – Book #1.

Teleportation (other)-Jupiter's Legacy-Book #1 (2015)-34 Teleportation (other)-Jupiter's Legacy-Book #1 (2015)-35 Teleportation (other)-Jupiter's Legacy-Book #1 (2015)-36

The Metrons teleport Captain Kirk and a Gorn to a planet’s surface from their space ships in Who’s Who in Star Trek #2 (DC).


Technobabe – 2000 AD #1131

Angstrom Levy (Image) has teleported various evil dimensional versions of the superhero Invincible (Image) to a dimension that is a wasteland and the surviving Invincible version has descended into cannibalism in order to survive in Invincible #104.

Trading Card Games use teleportation.

Bill’s Teleporter


Teleport Foe



Teleporting Ship

Weaponized teleportation used against the Plutonian in Irredeemable #19 (Boom!)

445) Teleportation (other)-Plutonian-Irredeemable #19 (2010) - Page 9

Weaponized teleportation used against the Plutonian in Irredeemable #36 (Boom!)

445) Teleportation (other)-Weaponized teleportation used against the Plutonian in Irredeemable #19 (Boom!)2

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