335) Planetary Anatomy

Planetary Anatomy – The character is a living planet with all the power that entails.  Planetary Anatomy is also known as Planetary Physiology and Living Planet Physiology.

Literary Critique of Planetary Anatomy 

Ego the Living Planet (Marvel) is a living planet. The first appearance of Ego in Thor #132 (1966).

Planetary Mimicry-Ego-Thor #132 (1966)

Mogo (DC) is the DC version of a living planet and is also a Green Lantern but doesn’t socialize (Green Lantern V2 #188).

Planetary Mimicry-Mogo-Green Lantern V2 #188

Yggardis, the Living Planet (DC) is the first living planet in comic books but largely unknown and fought Adam Strange (DC) in Mystery in Space #60.

A more planet sized Yggardis, the Living Planet  appears much later in DC Comics Presents V1 #78.

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