403) Sound Manipulation (music)

Sound Manipulation (music) – The ability to use music for superhuman effects.  Sound Manipulation (music) is also known as Music Control, Music Manipulation, Musical Control, Musical Manipulation, Sono-Technokinesis and Symphokinesis.  Similar powers are (402) Sound Manipulation, (404) Sound Manipulation (scream),  (405) Sound Manipulation (voice).

Literary Critique of Sound Manipulation (music) 

The Pied Pier (DC) has this power (Flash v1 106).

Sound Manipulation (music)–Piped Piper-Flash v1 106

The original Pied Piper of Hamelin didn’t have the range of powers of the DC version (Classic Illustrated Junior #4).

The Fiddler (DC) has this power (DC Who’s Who V1 #8).

Sound Manipulation (music)-The Fiddler-DC Who's Who V1 #8

Juke Box Joe versus Captain Sprocket in Archie’s Madhouse #45.


Judge Dredd – “The Chieftain” – 2000 AD #833

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