319) Net Creation

Net Creation – The ability to create nets that can trap characters that are superhuman or nearly superhuman and/or the ability to use nets with superhuman or near superhuman skill.  Net Creation is also known as Net Generation and Net Projection.  Similar to (492) Web (energy) and (493) Web (matter).  If a fine mesh is used then the object is a web. If a larger mesh is used then the object is a net. There aren’t enough energy nets in fiction to make the energy versus matter distinction relevant for nets. Secondly, webs made of matter are generally sticky.   A subcategory of (350) Power Bestowal (objects).

Literary Critique of Net Creation 

In Batman vs Predator #1, a Predator uses a net to take out a hood.


Batman (DC) returns the favor in Batman vs Predator #3.


Batman (DC) seems to be facing a lot of nets lately. Soldiers use a net on his ally in All Star Batman V2 #7.

The Batman family uses a net on Batman in All-Star Batman v2 #8.

What is about Batman that causes villains to use nets on him all the time (Batman V2 #10)?

Yet another netting of Batman in World’s Finest Comics V1 #158.

Bizarro (DC) caught in a net in Trinity: Batman Superman Wonder Woman #3.

Two separate net incidents in one issue? I think this is a record and happens in All-Star Comics #73.

Frankenstein Jr. (Hanna-Barbera) in Scooby-Doo Team-Up #22 (DC).


Green Arrow (DC) uses a net arrow in World’s Finest Comics #98.


Hawkeye (Marvel) uses a net arrow in Hawkeye V1 #1.


Hawkeye uses a net arrow again in Avengers V6 #5.1.

The Thunderbolts (Marvel) are temporarily trapped by a net in Thunderbolts V4 #9.

net-creation-thunderbolts-v4-9-2017-15 net-creation-thunderbolts-v4-9-2017-16

Elasti-Girl (DC) is caught in a net in DC Universe Legacies #4. Elasti-Girl can shrink so why doesn’t she shrink and walk out of the panel of the net?

Jim Hammond (Marvel) is attacked with an electric net in Secret Empire – Brave New World #1.

Trading Card Games use a variety of nets.

Challenge Nets

Razor Net

Dry Run2000 AD #691

Falcon (Marvel) – Avengers #673

Joker – Mask TPB (2001)

“Jungle is Massive!” – Tom Strong’s Terrific Tales #11

Lock-Up (DC) – Robin V2 #24

Secret Avengers V3 #2

A net is used to trap the Wookie Krrsantan in Krrsantan_ Star Wars Tales (Marvel) #1.

319) Net Creation-Krrsantan_ Star Wars Tales (Marvel) #1

Yet another net gun this time used by Deadpool (Marvel) in Deadpool-Hellfire Gala – The Red Carpet Collection (Marvel).

319) Net Creation-X-Men -Yet another net gun! Deadpool-Hellfire Gala - The Red Carpet Collection (Marvel)

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