319) Net Creation

Net Creation – The ability to create nets that can trap characters that are superhuman or nearly superhuman and/or the ability to use nets with superhuman or near superhuman skill.  Similar to (492) Web (energy) and (493) Web (matter).  If a fine mesh is used then the object is a web. If a larger mesh is used then the object is a net. There aren’t enough energy nets in fiction to make the energy versus matter distinction relevant for nets. Secondly, webs made of matter are generally sticky.

In Batman vs Predator #1, a Predator uses a net to take out a hood.


Batman (DC) returns the favor in Batman vs Predator #3.


Batman (DC) seems to be facing a lot of nets lately. Soldiers use a net on his ally in All Star Batman V2 #7.

The Batman family uses a net on Batman in All-Star Batman v2 #8.

What is about Batman that causes villains to use nets on him all the time (Batman V2 #10)?

Yet another netting of Batman in World’s Finest Comics V1 #158.

Two separate net incidents in one issue? I think this is a record and happens in All-Star Comics #73.

Frankenstein Jr. (Hanna-Barbera) in Scooby-Doo Team-Up #22 (DC).


Green Arrow (DC) uses a net arrow in World’s Finest Comics #98.


Hawkeye (Marvel) uses a net arrow in Hawkeye V1 #1.


Hawkeye uses a net arrow again in Avengers V6 #5.1.

The Thunderbolts (Marvel) are temporarily trapped by a net in Thunderbolts V4 #9.

net-creation-thunderbolts-v4-9-2017-15 net-creation-thunderbolts-v4-9-2017-16

Elasti-Girl (DC) is caught in a net in DC Universe Legacies #4. Elasti-Girl can shrink so why doesn’t she shrink and walk out of the panel of the net?

Jim Hammond (Marvel) is attacked with an electric net in Secret Empire – Brave New World #1.

Trading Card Games use a variety of nets.

Challenge Nets

Razor Net


Dry Run2000 AD #691

Falcon (Marvel) – Avengers #673

Joker – Mask TPB (2001)

“Jungle is Massive!” – Tom Strong’s Terrific Tales #11

Lock-Up (DC) – Robin V2 #24

Secret Avengers V3 #2

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