282) Merging (humanoids)

Merging (humanoids) – The merging of two or more humanoids.

Literary Critique of Merging (humanoids) 

Agent Axis (Marvel) was created when a German, Italian and Japanese agent merged into one person (Annual Invaders V1 #1).

Merging (humanoids)-Agent Axis-Annual Invaders V1 #1

Cosmic Armor Superman (DC) is what happens when you merge Superman (DC) and Ultraman (DC) in Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3D #2 (2009).

If you merge the Earth One and Earth Two Superman’s then you get the Super-Superman that can defeat Krogg in The Superman Family #187.

In Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #234, radioactive deposits cause four of the Legionnaires, Colossal Boy, Shrinking Violet, Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad, to amalgamate into the Composite Legionnaire.

Merging (humanoids)-Composite Legionnaire-Legion of Super-Heroes V1 #234

Mangog was created by the merging of a billion, billion, humanoids by Odin in Thor V1 #157.

Merging (humanoids)-Mangog-Thor V1 #157

The Overmind (Marvel) is a billion alien Eternals merged into one mind.

Merging (humanoids)-Overmind-Fantastic Four V1 #115

Starro merges humans forcibly (Justice League of America V1 #190).

Merging (humanoids)-Starro-Justice League of America V1 #190

The Supreme Intelligence is made up of thousands of the finest Kree minds and judges. Mar-Vell in Captain Marvel V1 #16.

Merging (humanoids)–Supreme Intelligence-Captain Marvel V1 #16

Tuvik was created when Tuvok and Neelix were merged in Star Trek Voyager, Season 2, Episode 24.

Merging (humanoids)-Tuvix-Star Trek Voyager

The Ubersaur is a merged being used as a weapon (Astro City #30, 2016).

Merging (humanoids)-Ubersaur - Astro City #30 (2016)

The Uni-Mind (Marvel) is created by the merging of Eternals.

Merging (humanoids)–Uni-Mind

In The Chimera Brigade (Titan), a group of mad scientists that rule Moscow claim that “there exists but one superman, invisible, collective, and immortal: the human species itself.”

Merging (humanoids)-We-The Chimera Brigade (Titan)

The Collective Man (Marvel) consists of five brothers who can fuse into one being and use their power to defend China (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #2).

Merging (humanoids)-Collective Man-Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #2

Chaos is a community organism that absorbs humans in order to gain power Pantheon #8 (Lone Star Press).

Merge (Humanoids)-Chaos-Pantheon #8 (Lone Star Press)

Mumm-Ra and Skeletor merge to create Mumm-Ator in He-Man/Thundercats #5 (DC).

Black Magic V2 #1 (DC)


ErmacMortal Kombat 9 (2011) Prima Guide


Legion of One – Creature Collection II. Dark Menagerie


Mongrelman – TSR 2140A Monstrous Manual


Theodore Sturgeon’s More than Human Heavy Metal (1978)


Varua (Marvel) can make a Uni-mind with none eternals (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual V1 #8).


Warstar (Marvel) consists of two symbiotically linked mechanoids in Avengers West #80.


The very interesting one-shot merged human known as the X-Man (Marvel) in What If V1 #2 that should be not be confused with the other X-Man (Marvel) that is a million times more famous.

Deathstroke (DC) and Wonder Woman (DC) face a demonic, one-shot, merged humanoid in Tartarus (Annual Deathstroke V3 #1).

One of the Dark Gods can forcibly absorb innocent humans in Evil Dead 2 Dark Ones Rising #2 (Space Goat Publishing).

The White Werefox is part of the Werefox Universe (Cosmic Super-Duper Werefox Team).

A comparison of comic book characters with this power at Comic Book Merged Humans.

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