438) Talisman Manipulation

Talisman Manipulation – The talisman can provide power for various superhuman effects. Strictly speaking amulets provide protection from evil powers. Amulets do not provide the user more power. Talismans can provide power as well as protection. However, in fiction the two terms are often used interchangeably and this is especially true in comic books.  Talisman Manipulation is also known as Amulet Control, Amulet Manipulation, Charm Control, Charm Manipulation, Juju Control, Juju Manipulation, Magic Charm Control, Magic Charm Manipulation, Magical Charm Control, Magical Charm Manipulation, Mojo Control, Mojo Manipulation, Omamori Control, Omamori Manipulation, Periapt Control, Periapt Powers, Talisman Control and Totem Control.  A subcategory of (350) Power Bestowal (objects).

Literary Critique of Talisman Manipulation 

The Bloodstone Amulet (Marvel) can create a portal for the Elder Gods in Marvel Fact Files #32 (Eaglemoss).

The Eye of Agamotto (Marvel) belongs to Doctor Strange and often referred to as an amulet and is probably the most powerful talisman in the Marvel Universe in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #15. The Eye of Agamotto is a weapon of wisdom.

Beware the power of the Supersoul Stone (Marvel) in Power Man and Iron Fist V3 #3!

Pahulu Disc – Koni Waves-Ghouls Gone Wild #1 (Arcana Studio)

Ancient Egyptian Amulets

Chinese Bagua

Hand of Fatima

Trading Card Games have a surprising number of talismans.

Chrome Max

Cloudstone Curio

Karaborian Talisman

Mindfire Medallion

Muur Talisman

Onyxia Blood Talisman

Seedling Charm

Shadow Token

Soul Searcher Medallion

Talisman of Ephemeral Power

Talisman of Spell Sealing

Talisman of the Alliance

Talisman of the Horde

Talisman of Trap Sealing

Unspeakable Talisman

Witch Hunters Amulet

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