206) Heal Others

Heal Others – The ability to heal others. Heal Others is also known as Cell Regeneration Healing Hands, Healing Power, Healing Touch, Recovery Power and Recovery Touch.

Literary Critique of Heal Others 

Raven (DC) heals Cyborg in the picture below.

Heal others–Raven (DC)

Rondars (DC) – Superman V1 #157

Mistress Mercy (Dakotaverse) can heal others but her alter ego Mistress Murder can putrefy people (Milestone Media Universe Card Set).

Heal Others-Mistress Mercy-Milestone Media Universe Card Set

Cathy Holmes heals a cat in Rising Stars #4 (Top Cow).

heal-others-cathy-holmes-rising-stars-4-top-cow-1 heal-others-cathy-holmes-rising-stars-4-top-cow-2

Ethan York is a healer in that belongs to Gen 13.


Gem saves Leonard McCoy with her healing power (Who’s Who in Star Trek #1, DC).


The Young Gods include the healer Caduceus in Spectacular Spider-Man Annual V1 #8 (Marvel).


Trading Card Games use healing often.

Circle of Healing

Force Healing

Healing Crow

Healing Dance

Healing Earth

Healing Flames

Healing Herbs

Healing of Nimrodel

Healing Period

Healing Potion

Healing Sleep

Healing Touch

Healing Wave


Major Healing Potion

Queen’s Healing Touch

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