326) Omniscience

Omniscience – The ability to know anything and everything.

Literary Critique of Omniscience 

In Swamp Thing #62, Metron and Swamp Thing encounter an aleph and are temporarily omniscient.  The graphic below was made by joining two pages and kept full size when uploaded.  I think the graphic might make a good poster!

Omniscience–Aleph-Metron-Swamp Thing #62 (DC)

Destiny (DC) has a book chained to his wrist that presumably has all the knowledge in the universe (The Sandman: Endless Nights).

Omniscience-Destiny-The Sandman-Endless Nights TPB

Doctor Doom (Marvel) struggles with omniscience in Secret Wars I.

Omniscience–Doctor Doom-Secret Wars I #10-6 Omniscience–Doctor Doom-Secret Wars I #10-7

In Uncanny X-Men V1 #134, Mastermind (Marvel) makes the mistake of pitting his power of illusion against the might of the Phoenix Force! Forced omniscience turns out to be too much for Mastermind!

Luis Borges wrote a story called The Aleph which deals with omniscience.

Omniscience–Luis Borges-The Aleph

The Phantom Stranger (DC) has near omniscience (Secret Origins V3 #10).

Omniscience-Phantom Stranger-Secret Origins V3 #10

In Silver Surfer V3 #45, Thanos (Marvel) struggles with omniscience.

Omniscience-Thanos-Silver Surfer V3 #45-25 Omniscience-Thanos-Silver Surfer V3 #45-26

The omniscience of Thanos (Marvel) is illustrated in depth in Thanos Quest #2.

omniscience-thanos-quest-2-39 omniscience-thanos-quest-2-40 omniscience-thanos-quest-2-41 omniscience-thanos-quest-2-42 omniscience-thanos-quest-2-43 omniscience-thanos-quest-2-44 omniscience-thanos-quest-2-45

The Beyonder (Marvel) shares omniscience with his girlfriend Allison and she doesn’t like it in Secret Wars II #4.


Detective Chimp (DC) experiences omniscience in Helmet of Fate-Detective Chimp #1.


Mr. Majestic (Wildstorm) can become omniscient for a second.


Eternity (Marvel) and Infinity (Marvel) are omniscient.

Finn2000 AD #815

Firekind2000 AD #828

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