326) Omniscience

Omniscience – The ability to know anything and everything.

In Swamp Thing #62, Metron and Swamp Thing encounter an aleph and are temporarily omniscient.  The graphic below was made by joining two pages and kept full size when uploaded.  I think the graphic might make a good poster!

Omniscience–Aleph-Metron-Swamp Thing #62 (DC)

Destiny (DC) has a book chained to his wrist that presumably has all the knowledge in the universe (The Sandman: Endless Nights).

Omniscience-Destiny-The Sandman-Endless Nights TPB

Doctor Doom (Marvel) struggles with omniscience in Secret Wars I.

Omniscience–Doctor Doom-Secret Wars I #10-6 Omniscience–Doctor Doom-Secret Wars I #10-7

The Leader (Marvel) discovers that too much knowledge can literally kill you in Tales to Astonish V1 #74.

Omniscience-Leader-Tales to Astonish V1 #74

Luis Borges wrote a story called The Aleph which deals with omniscience.

Omniscience–Luis Borges-The Aleph

The Phantom Stranger (DC) has near omniscience (Secret Origins V3 #10).

Omniscience-Phantom Stranger-Secret Origins V3 #10

In Silver Surfer V3 #45, Thanos (Marvel) struggles with omniscience.

Omniscience-Thanos-Silver Surfer V3 #45-25 Omniscience-Thanos-Silver Surfer V3 #45-26

The omniscience of Thanos (Marvel) is illustrated in depth in Thanos Quest #2.

omniscience-thanos-quest-2-39 omniscience-thanos-quest-2-40 omniscience-thanos-quest-2-41 omniscience-thanos-quest-2-42 omniscience-thanos-quest-2-43 omniscience-thanos-quest-2-44 omniscience-thanos-quest-2-45

The Beyonder (Marvel) shares omniscience with his girlfriend Allison and she doesn’t like it in Secret Wars II #4.


Detective Chimp (DC) experiences omniscience in Helmet of Fate-Detective Chimp #1.


Mr. Majestic (Wildstorm) can become omniscient for a second.


Eternity (Marvel) and Infinity (Marvel) are omniscient.

Finn2000 AD #815

Firekind2000 AD #828

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