106) Combat Clairvoyance

Combat Clairvoyance – The power to predict attacks.  Combat Clairvoyance is also known as Attack Prediction, Battle Prediction, and Preflex.  Similar to (482) Vision (time), (356) Precognition and (363) Psychometry.

Literary Critique of Combat Clairvoyance 

Clock King (DC) sees about four seconds into the future (Teen Titans V3 #59).

Combat Clairvoyance–Clock King-Teen Titans V3 #59

Madame Web (Marvel) fights Spider-Man using combat clairvoyance in Amazing Spider-Man #666.

Combat Clairvoyance-Madame Web-Amazing Spider-Man #666

Midnighter (DC) uses a mental combat computer to predict attacks (Midnighter V2 #1).

Combat Clairvoyance–Midnighter V2 #1

Intuition (Marvel) can sense every move Mantis is about to make (West Coast Avengers Annual V2 #3).

Combat Clairvoyance-Intuition-West Coast Avengers Annual V2 #3 (1988)

Luna Maximoff (Marvel) uses combat clairvoyance to defeat Karnak (Marvel) in Silent War #2.


Mantis (Marvel) shows once again that Karnak’s weakness detection is good in a fight but combat clairvoyance is better!

Nura Nal (DC) uses combat clairvoyance to defeat Naltor’s precommandos in the Legion of Super-Heroes V5 #2.

combat-clairvoyance-nura-nal-legion-of-super-heroes-v5-2-17 combat-clairvoyance-nura-nal-legion-of-super-heroes-v5-2-18 combat-clairvoyance-nura-nal-legion-of-super-heroes-v5-2-22 combat-clairvoyance-nura-nal-legion-of-super-heroes-v5-2-23

Ryder Stone (Dynamite) uses combat clairvoyance to defeat a team mate in Cage Hero.

combat-clairvoyance-cage-hero-v1-dynamite-82 combat-clairvoyance-cage-hero-v1-dynamite-83

Mister Fortunate (Dark Horse) demonstrates that combat clairvoyance is better than super strength in Astounding Villain House #1.

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