106) Combat Clairvoyance

Combat Clairvoyance – The power to predict attacks.

Clock King (DC) sees about four seconds into the future (Teen Titans V3 #59).

Combat Clairvoyance–Clock King-Teen Titans V3 #59

Madame Web (Marvel) fights Spider-Man using combat clairvoyance in Amazing Spider-Man #666.

Combat Clairvoyance-Madame Web-Amazing Spider-Man #666

Midnighter (DC) uses a mental combat computer to predict attacks (Midnighter V2 #1).

Combat Clairvoyance–Midnighter V2 #1

Intuition (Marvel) can sense every move Mantis is about to make (West Coast Avengers Annual V2 #3).

Combat Clairvoyance-Intuition-West Coast Avengers Annual V2 #3 (1988)

Luna Maximoff (Marvel) uses combat clairvoyance to defeat Karnak (Marvel) in Silent War #2.


Mantis (Marvel) shows once again that Karnak’s weakness detection is good in a fight but combat clairvoyance is better!

Nura Nal (DC) uses combat clairvoyance to defeat Naltor’s precommandos in the Legion of Super-Heroes V5 #2.

combat-clairvoyance-nura-nal-legion-of-super-heroes-v5-2-17 combat-clairvoyance-nura-nal-legion-of-super-heroes-v5-2-18 combat-clairvoyance-nura-nal-legion-of-super-heroes-v5-2-22 combat-clairvoyance-nura-nal-legion-of-super-heroes-v5-2-23

Ryder Stone (Dynamite) uses combat clairvoyance to defeat a team mate in Cage Hero.

combat-clairvoyance-cage-hero-v1-dynamite-82 combat-clairvoyance-cage-hero-v1-dynamite-83

Mister Fortunate (Dark Horse) demonstrates that combat clairvoyance is better than super strength in Astounding Villain House #1.

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