241) Invulnerability

Invulnerability – The ability to be immune to one or more forms of physical, mental, and spiritual damage and influence.  Invulnerability is also known as Absolute Durability, Godly Durability, Impenetrable Skin, Impervious Skin, Imperviousness, Indestructibility, Invincibility, Meta Durability, Omni Durability, Unbreakable and Unharmable.

Literary Critique of Invulnerability 

Invulnerability is not (003) accelerated healing.  When you are invulnerable, you don’t have to heal since you didn’t get hurt in the first place.  Many characters such as Superman and the Hulk are both invulnerable and have accelerated healing.  Superman seems to have greater invulnerability.  The Hulk seems to rely more on accelerated healing. Invulnerability, like (186) flight and (431) superhuman strength, is ubiquitous so only especially interesting examples of invulnerability are listed here.

Brit (Image) only has invulnerability as a superpower but he is very, very, very invulnerable!

Invulnerability–Brit V2 #1

Superman (DC) shows the Hulk how invulnerability is done (Superman vs Spiderman II)!

Invulnerability–Superman vs Hulk-Superman vs Spiderman II

A Chinese version of invulnerability in American Born Chinese (2006).


Batman and Flash team up to take on Bork (DC) who is only invulnerable due to a magic statue which Flash destroys in Brave and the Bold V1 #81 (1969).

Koshchei the Deathless #1 (Dark Horse)


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