156) Echolocation

Echolocation – Echolocation is the use of reflected sound to figure out the environment.  Echolocation is the bat equivalent of sonar.  Echolocation is not (365) Radar Sense.

Literary Critique of Echolocation 

Echolocation is also known as sonar sense.  An illustration of a bat using echolocation.



The Man-Bat (DC Who’s Who V1 #14) emits a high-pitched sound to make his power work.

Echolocation–Man-Bat-DC Who's Who V1 #14

Daredevil (Marvel) probably has both radar sense and echolocation but has to depend on background noise unlike the Man-Bat.  Radar sense probably involves emitting some sort of electromagnetic pulse from the brain.  Ambient sound can confuse echolocation.  Ambient sound would not affect radar sense.  In the movies, Daredevil is more confused by background sound.  In the comic books, Daredevil is not as confused by background sound but loud sound can hurt him since his hearing is super sensitive.  In one of the earliest explanations radar sense is mentioned and superhuman hearing but not echolocation (Annual Daredevil V1 #1).


The Draguar (DC) not shown has bat DNA and therefore can use echolocation in Future Quest Presents #12 (2018).

Destrachan – D&D 4th Edition – Monster Manual 1


Batman has pectoral speakers that allow for echolocation (All Star Batman V2 #4).


Vibraman uses echolocation to find the invisible NoMan (THUNDER Agents #20, Tower).


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