105) Color Manipulation

Color Manipulation – The ability to change the color of a person and/or object.

Color Kid (DC) may seem to have a useless power.

Color Manipulation-Color Kid (DC)

However even this very odd power would be very handy when taking on Green Lantern (DC) since their power rings do not work against the color yellow!

Color Manipulation-Robin-All-Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder #9 (DC)

Mr. Nebula (DC) is far more powerful than the Color Kid and can change the color, texture and shape of an entire planet (Who’s Who in the DC Universe #6). Mr. Nebula is an decorator but redoes planets not houses. If you like Mr. Nebula then you will love the story of the Kitsch Justice League.

Color Manipulation-Mr. Nebula-Who's Who in the DC Universe #6

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