283) Merging (universes)

Merging (universes) – The ability to merge two universes.  Merging (universes) is also known as Planet Fusion, Planet Merge, Planet Merging, World Fusion, World Merge and World Merging.

Literary Critique of Merging (universes)

This might be the ultimate superpower since the character doing this is not doing (371) Reality Warping with one reality but two realities!  Even the Infinity Gauntlet does not work outside the unmerged Marvel universe in the Avengers/JLA crossover event.

Actually, Infinity Gauntlets don’t even work in other Marvel universes. Reality warping in one universe does not mean you can change the reality of the multiverse much less the omniverse. The three Reed Richards, of the Interdimensional Council of Reeds, pictured below can only warp the reality of their universe within the Marvel multiverse with their infinity gauntlets (Fantastic Four #571).

Cross-over universes would be an example of cross dimensional manipulation not merging universes. In a cross-over universe, characters from two universes interact as part of a larger shared universe but the characters themselves have not merged. This was done in Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man, Superman and Spider-Man, DC Special Series #27 (Batman vs. Hulk), and The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans #1.

The first major merging of universes happened in Amalgam Comics. Characters in the DC and Marvel universes have been merged into a single character.

Antimony (Debbie Walker) is a merging of DC’s Platinum and Marvel’s Scarlet Witch and Patsy Walker.


Merging (universes)-Antimony-Amalgam trading cards

Apollo (Ray Summers) is a merging of DC’s Ray and Marvel’s Cyclops (Scott Summers).

Merging (universes)-Apollo-Amalgam trading cards

Aqua-Mariner (Arthur McKenzie) is a merging of DC’s Aquaman (Arthur Curry) and Marvel’s Sub-Mariner (Namor McKenzie).

Merging (universes)-Aqua-Mariner-Amalgam trading cards

Beastling (Hank Logan) is a merging of DC’s Changeling and Marvel’s Beast.

Merging (universes)-Beastling-Amalgam trading cards

Bismuth (Snapper Jones) is a merging of DC’s Tin and Snapper Carr and Marvel’s Toad and Rick Jones.

Merging (universes)-Bismuth-Amalgam trading cards

Black Bat (Barbara Gordon Hardy) is a merging of DC’s Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) and Marvel’s Black Cat (Felicia Hardy).

Merging (universes)-Black Bat-Amalgam trading cards

Bruce Wayne is a merging of DC’s Bruce Wayne and Marvel’s Nick Fury.

Merging (universes)-Bruce Wayne Agent of SHIELD-Amalgam trading cards

Castle is a merging of DC’s Steve Trevor and Marvel’s The Punisher (Frank Castle).

Merging (universes)-Castle-Amalgam trading cards

Catsai (Elektra Kyle) is a merging of DC’s Catwoman (Selina Kyle) and Marvel’s Elektra.

Merging (universes)-Catsai-Amalgam trading cards

Cobalt (Lucius Richmond) is a merging of DC’s Gold and Lucius Fox and Marvel’s Mastermind (Jason Wyngarde).

Merging (universes)-Cobalt-Amalgam trading cards

Dare the Terminator (Slade Murdock) is a female merging of DC’s Deathstroke and Marvel’s Daredevil.

Merging (universes)-Dare-Amalgam trading cards

Dark Claw (Logan Wayne) is a merging of DC’s Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Marvel’s Wolverine (Logan).

Merging (universes)-Dark Claw-Amalgam trading cards

Dial H.U.S.K. (Paige Guthrie) is a merging of DC’s Dial H for Hero and Marvel’s Husk.

Merging (universes)-Dial H.U.S.K.-Amalgam trading cards

Doctor Strangefate (Charles Xavier) is a merging of DC’s Doctor Fate and Marvel’s Doctor Strange and Charles Xavier.

Merging (universes)-Dr. Strangefate-Amalgam trading cards

Elastigirl is a merging of DC’s Elasti-Girl and Marvel’s Domino and Wasp.

Merging (universes)-Elastigirl-Amalgam trading cards

Ferro Man (Piotyr Rasputin) is a merging of DC’s Ferro Lad and Marvel’s Colossus.

Merging (universes)-Ferro Man-Amalgam trading cards

Firebird (Beatriz Grey) is a merging of DC’s Fire (Beatriz da Costa) and Marvel’s Phoenix (Jean Grey).

Merging (universes)-Firebird-Amalgam trading cards

Huntress (Carol Danvers) is a merging of DC’s Huntress and Marvel’s Carol Danvers.

Merging (universes)-Huntress-Amalgam trading cards

Iron Lantern (Hal Stark) is a merging of DC’s Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Marvel’s Iron Man (Tony Stark).

Merging (universes)-Iron Lantern

Iron (John Henry Steel) is a merging of DC’s Steel (John Henry Irons) and Iron and Marvel’s Unus the Untouchable.

Merging (universes)-Iron-Amalgam trading cards

Kid Demon (Wally West) is a merging of DC’s Wally West, DC’s Etrigan the Demon, and Marvel’s Danny Ketch, the 1990s era host of the Ghost Rider.

Merging (universes)-Kid Demon-Amalgam trading cards

Kokoro (Tatsu “Betsy” Braddock) is a merging of DC’s Katana (Tatsu Yamashiro) and Marvel’s Psylocke (Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock).

Merging (universes)-Kokoro-Amalgam trading cards

Lobo the Duck is a merging of DC’s Lobo and Marvel’s Howard the Duck.

Merging (universes)-Lobo the Duck

Magneto (Erik Magnus) is a merging of DC’s Will Magnus and Marvel’s Magneto (Erik Lehnsherr).

Merging (universes)-Magneto-Amalgam trading cards

Mercury (Pietro “Pete” Allen) is a merging of DC’s Impulse (Bart Allen) and Marvel’s Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff).

Merging (universes)-Mercury-Amalgam trading cards

Mister X (J’onn J’onzz) is a merging of DC’s Martian Manhunter (J’onn J’onzz) and Marvel’s Professor X (Charles Xavier).

Merging (universes)-Mister X-Amalgam trading cards

Moonwing (Dick Grayson) is a merging of DC’s Nightwing (Dick Grayson) and Tim Drake and Marvel’s Moon Knight (Marc Spector).

Merging (universes)-Moonwing-Amalgam trading cards

Nickel (Lance Vale) is a merging of DC’s Mercury and Marvel’s Quicksilver.

Merging (universes)-Nickel-Amalgam trading cards

Nightcreeper (Kurt Jack Ryder) is a merging of DC’s Creeper (Jack Ryder) and Marvel’s Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner).

Merging (universes)-Nightcreeper-Amalgam trading cards

Niles Cable is a merging of DC’s The Chief and Marvel’s Cable.

Merging (universes)-Niles Cable-Amalgam trading cards

Diana Prince (Princess Diana of Themyscira) is an Amalgam version of DC’s Wonder Woman (Diana Prince).

Merging (universes)-Prince-Amalgam trading cards

Runaway is a merging of DC’s Gypsy and Marvel’s Rogue.

Merging (universes)-Runaway-Amalgam trading cards

Shatterstarfire is a merging of DC’s Starfire and Marvel’s Shatterstar.

Merging (universes)-Shatterstarfire-Amalgam trading cards

Sparrow (Jubilation Lee) is a merging of DC’s Robin (Carrie Kelly) and Marvel’s Jubilation “Jubilee” Lee.

Merging (universes)-Sparrow-Amalgam trading cards

Speed Demon (Blaze Allen) is a merging of the second Flash and Marvel’s Ghost Rider.

Merging (universes)-Speed Demon-Amalgam trading cards

Spider-Boy (Peter Ross) is a merging of DC’s Superboy and (a clone of) Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Merging (universes)-Spider-Boy-Amalgam trading cards

Super-Soldier (Clark Kent) is a merging of DC’s Superman and Marvel’s Captain America.

Merging (universes)-Super-Soldier-Amalgam trading cards

Thorion is a merging of DC’s Orion and Marvel’s Thor.

Merging (universes)-Thorion of the New Asgods

Amazon/Wonder Woman (Princess Ororo of Themiscyra) is a merging of DC’s Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) and Marvel’s Storm (Ororo Munroe).

Merging (universes)-Wonder Woman-Amalgam trading cards

Wraith (Todd LeBeau) is a merging of DC’s Obsidian and Marvel’s Gambit.

 Merging (universes)-Wraith-Amalgam trading cards

In Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes is more an example of a shared universe that has a long shared history except that some characters have been merged (Star Trek-Legion of Super-Heroes #2).

Merging (universes)-Star Trek-Legion of Super-Heroes #2

The Fatal Five (DC) has been transformed into the Imperial Elite. Castellan Kajz is a combination of Kajz Dox (DC) and Tharok (DC) but with Vulcan genes which we know because he says that “resistance is not logical”. The Emerald Empress (DC) is an Orion which is a Star Trek race. The Validus (DC) version of this universe is a Star Trek Mugato. The Persuader is a Star Trek Gorn. Mano (DC) appears to be a Star Trek Benzite (Star Trek-Legion of Super-Heroes #3).

Merging (universes)-Star Trek-Legion of Super-Heroes #3

The ultimate user of this power is Hello Kitty! Hello Kitty has merged her essence with characters from any number of universes!

Merging (universes)-Hello Kitty-Animal Version II Merging (universes)-Hello Kitty-Bubbly World Merging (universes)-Hello Kitty-Daruma Doll Merging (universes)-Hello Kitty-DC Girl Power Merging (universes)-Hello Kitty-Kenshin Merging (universes)-Hello Kitty-Kiss Merging (universes)-Hello Kitty-Maneki Neko Merging (universes)-Hello Kitty-Sadako-3d Merging (universes)-Hello Kitty-Seven Lucky Gods Merging (universes)-Hello Kitty-Street Fighter Merging (universes)-Hello Kitty-Tanuki Merging (universes)-Hello Kitty-Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles Merging (universes)-Hello Kitty-Transformers Merging (universes)-Hello Kitty-Vocaloid

A merging of the DC superheroes and the Looney Tunes universes in a McDonald’s happy meal.

Merging (universes)-McDonalds Happy Meal-Super Looney Tunes

There was a shared universe but not a merged universe in Superman and Bugs Bunny #1 (DC).

Merging (universes)-Superman and Bugs Bunny #1 (DC)

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