325) Omnipresence

Omnipresence – The ability to be everywhere at the same time.  Omnipresence is also known as All-Presence, Absolute Presence, Boundless Presence, Infinite Presence, Pervasive, Rifeness, True Omnipresence, Ubiquitary, Ubiquitous and Ubiquity.

Literary Critique of Omnipresence

Eternity (Marvel) is the personification of a universe within the Marvel multiverse and is therefore omnipresent by definition in that universe.

Omnipresence–Eternity (Marvel)

The Living Tribunal (Marvel) is more powerful than Eternity and judges the entire multiverse and not just one universe (Strange Tales V1 #158). The Living Tribunal is a close to omnipotence as any being in the Marvel universe. However, there is no evidence that the Living Tribunal is omnipresent!

The One-Above-All is more or less God in the Marvel multiverse and probably omnipresent in the entire Marvel multiverse unlike Eternity that occupies one multiverse not the multiverse (Thanos: Infinity Finale)!

The Presence (DC) is very mysterious and is more or less Abrahamic God but of course the DC company is careful to kept that connection tenuous probably for public relations reasons (Lucifer V1 #68).  I would assume that the Presence is Omnipresent across the DC multiverse.

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