277) Memory Absorption

Memory Absorption – The ability to absorb memories.   Memory Absorption is also known as Memory Theft.

Literary Critique of Memory Absorption 

Blindspot (Marvel) can absorb the memories of everyone except Rogue (Rogue #7).

Memory Absorption-Blindspot-Rogue #8-20 Memory Absorption-Blindspot-Rogue #8-21

Rogue (Marvel) absorbs powers but often ends up absorbing memories and then has a hard time separating her real memories from her absorbed memories (Rogue #8)

Memory Absorption-Rogue-Rogue #8

Blindspot and Rogue are both in the Forget Me Not story arc and memory absorption is a major plot device (Rogue #10).

Memory Absorption-Rogue and Blindspot-Rogue #10

Reeve (Marvel) demonstrates how he absorbs memories in Rocket Raccoon and Groot #8.

Eunico – Ben 10


Memory Eater – Creature Collection I


Oblivion Moss – D&D 4th Edition – Monster Manual 3


Judge Dredd – “The Great Brain Robbery”- 2000 AD #835

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