368) Radiation Mimicry

Radiation Mimicry – The ability to become radiation.  A subcategory of (172) Energy Mimicry.  Radiation Mimicry is also known as Radiation Physiology, Radiokinetic Mimicry and Radiokinetic Physiology.  Similar to (320) Nuclear Reactor.  Characters listed in the nuclear reactor article are not listed here.

Literary Critique of Radiation Mimicry 

X-Ray (Marvel) is a supervillain that belongs to the U-Foes and his body is composed of X-ray radiation.

Radiation Mimicry–X-Ray (Marvel)

NRG (Ben 10)


Ironically, the biggest plot device involving radiation manipulation is kryptonite which is fictional.  Generally, kryptonite radiation only hurts kryptonians and not humans.

Brain-Evolution Machine uses different colored kryptonites in Superman V1 #162.

Kryptonite Man (DC) in Annual Action Comics  V2 #01 (2012).

Metallo (DC) can turn on different types of kryptonite in Action Comics #11 (2008).

Another version of Metallo in Who’s Who #15 (1986).

Mister Oz (DC) demonstrates kryptonite vision in Action Comics V1 #991 (2018).

Reactron (DC) can generate gold kryptonite radiatio in Action Comics #872 (2009).

“The Kryptonite Girl” – Lois Lane V1#16 (1960)

“The Superman Sphink” – Action Comics V1 #240

Atoman (DC) can generate kryptonite radiation in World’s Finest Comics V1 #271 (1981).

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