377) Resurrection (self)


Resurrection (self) – The ability to resurrect one’s self.  Reincarnation (self) is also known as Past Life and Rebirth.  Resurrection (self) is also known as Self-Resurrection, Self-Revival and Self-Revive.  Similar to (376) Resurrection (others).

Literary Critique of Resurrection (self)

Mister Immortal (Marvel) resurrects again and again but doesn’t particularly like his superpower!

Resurrection (self)–Mister Immortal (Marvel)

Multi-Man (DC), like Resurrection Man below, gains a new superpower each time he is resurrected (DC Who’s Who #16).

Resurrection (self)-Multi-Man-DC Who's Who #16

Rachel Rising (Abstract Studios), is about a young woman who wakes up in a shallow grave after being strangled. She does not remember the circumstances of the attack but begins trying to solve her attempted murder (Rachel Rising #1).

Resurrection (self)–Rachel Rising #1-8 Resurrection (self)–Rachel Rising #1-9

Resurrection Man (DC) gains a new superpower each time he is resurrected.

Resurrection (self)–Resurrection Man #1 (DC)

Ra’s al Ghul (DC) uses the Lazarus Pit to resurrect himself in the graphic novel Batman: Birth of the Demon.

The Lazarus Pit is a playable token in Heroscape (C3G-TG Lazarus Pit).  If you use the pit on yourself then this is self-resurrection.


Superman resurrects Batman using the Lazarus Pit in Dark Knight III-The Master Race #7.  Superman’s usage of the Lazarus Pits is (376)Resurrection (others).

resurrection-self-superman-resurrects-batman-dark-knight-iii-the-master-race-7-21 resurrection-self-superman-resurrects-batman-dark-knight-iii-the-master-race-7-22 resurrection-self-superman-resurrects-batman-dark-knight-iii-the-master-race-7-23 resurrection-self-superman-resurrects-batman-dark-knight-iii-the-master-race-7-24 resurrection-self-superman-resurrects-batman-dark-knight-iii-the-master-race-7-25

Calendar Man (DC) – Batman-Rebirth #1

Solomon Grundy (DC) was dead and seems to have raised himself from the dead through sheer force of will (Solomon Grundy #1).  Solomon Grundy often shows traits similar to zombies or revenants but not always.  (318) Necromancy is not at work since Solomon Grundy was not created by a necromancer.  Necromancy is something you do to the dead not to yourself.  Resurrection (self) does not preclude Solomon Grundy having (500) Zombie Anatomy.

Jean Grey (Marvel) appears to resurrect herself but the back story of the resurrection is complex as to be ridiculous (Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey V1 #1).

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