377) Resurrection (self)

Resurrection (self) – The ability to resurrect one’s self.

Mister Immortal (Marvel) doesn’t particularly like his superpower!

Resurrection (self)–Mister Immortal (Marvel)

Multi-Man (DC), like Resurrection Man below, gains a new superpower each time he is resurrected (DC Who’s Who #16).

Resurrection (self)-Multi-Man-DC Who's Who #16

Rachel Rising (Abstract Studios), is about a young woman who wakes up in a shallow grave after being strangled. She does not remember the circumstances of the attack, but begins trying to solve her attempted murder (Rachel Rising #1).

Resurrection (self)–Rachel Rising #1-8 Resurrection (self)–Rachel Rising #1-9

Resurrection Man (DC) gains a new superpower each time he is resurrected.

Resurrection (self)–Resurrection Man #1 (DC)

Ra’s al Ghul (DC) uses the Lazarus Pit to resurrect himself and is a playable token in Heroscape (C3G-TG Lazarus Pit).


Superman resurrects Batman using the Lazarus Pit in Dark Knight III-The Master Race #7.

resurrection-self-superman-resurrects-batman-dark-knight-iii-the-master-race-7-21 resurrection-self-superman-resurrects-batman-dark-knight-iii-the-master-race-7-22 resurrection-self-superman-resurrects-batman-dark-knight-iii-the-master-race-7-23 resurrection-self-superman-resurrects-batman-dark-knight-iii-the-master-race-7-24 resurrection-self-superman-resurrects-batman-dark-knight-iii-the-master-race-7-25

Calendar Man (DC) – Batman-Rebirth #1

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