071) Body Part Disembodied

Body Part Disembodied – The ability to exist as a disembodied body part.  Body Part Disembodied is also known as Body Part Mimicry, Body Part Physiology, Limb Mimicry, Limb Physiology, Organ Mimicry and Organ Physiology.

Literary Critique of Body Part Disembodied 

This is only a superpower if the disembodied state makes the disembodied entity more powerful. Giant eyes generally can see more and/or shoot rays. Giant hands can punch with superhuman strength and of course hands are pretty strong and a blow to a hand is less effective than a blow to the stomach or head. This is a good example of a power that can be identified inductively. Comic books are filled with powerful disembodied body parts but I think this is the first and for now the only list that includes this state of being as a superpower.  Jack Jawbreaker is a disembodied arm that goes around punching crooks while yelling “Jack Jawbreaker Fights Crime!!”.

Body Part Disembodied-Arm–Lil Abner-Jack Jawbreaker

The Hand appeared in Speed Comic #13 (Harvey) and mostly fought crime by pointing not punching.

Body Part Disembodied-The Hand-Speed Comic #13 (Harvey)

Superboy (DC) had to fight some disembodied arms in Superboy V1 #131.

Body Part Disembodied-Arm–Superboy V1 #131

Devil’s Heart (Marvel) was a giant disembodied heart that was a foe of Dracula (Marvel Legacy: The 70’s Handbook #1)!

Body Part Disembodied-Devil's Heart-Marvel Legacy The's Handbook #1

The Blue Beetle fought a disembodied eye, the Eye of Horus, in Blue Beetle V3 #54 (Charlton).

Body Part Disembodied-Eye–Blue Beetle V3 #54 (1965)

The Eye (Centaur Publications) is a disembodied eye that floats around gaining information which it shares with the appropriate person for the cause of justice.   If a giant eye started talking to me I would of course not run in terror but have a good chat instead (Keen Detective Funnies V1 #23).

Body Part Disembodied-Eye–Keen Detective Funnies V1 #23

The human race must deal with a jeweled disembodied eye in Strange Adventures #25 (DC).

Body Part Disembodied-Eye–Strange Adventures #25 (1952)

There is a disembodied Evil Eye in Strange Tales #4.


Body Part Disembodied-Eye–Strange Tales #4 (1951)

Basil Wolverton has created a particularly disturbing race of Venusian disembodied eyes in Eye of Doom, Mystic V2 #6 (Atlas).

Body Part Disembodied-Basil Wolverton-Eye of Doom-Mystic V2 #6

Doctor Solar fights a disembodied hand in Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom #08 (Gold Key).

Body Part Disembodied-Hand-Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom #08 (Gold Key)

Krypto (DC) fights a couple of disembodied hands created by Mister Mxyzptlk in Action Comics #467.

Body Part Disembodied-Hand-Krypto vs Mister Mxyzptlk-Action Comics #467

Luthor (DC) battles Batman in Batman V1 #130 with a giant mechanical disembodied hand.

Body Part Disembodied–Hand-Luthor-Batman #130 (1960)

Silver Age anthologies loved disembodied hands

Adventures into Terror #5 (Marvel)

Forbidden Worlds #102 (ACG)

House of Mystery V1 #45 (DC)

House of Secrets V1 #1 (DC)


Strange Adventures V1 #110 (DC)

Strange Adventures V1 #168 (DC)

Strange Adventures V1 #22 (DC)

Uncanny Tales #20 (Atlas).

In Mister Miracle V1 #10, the Head gives the hero a hard time.

Body Part Disembodied-Head–Mister Miracle V1 #10 (1972)-1 Body Part Disembodied-Head–Mister Miracle V1 #10 (1972)-10

In Adventure Comics V1 #292 (DC), Lex Luthor uses technology to follow Superboy around Smallville as a disembodied head.

Body Part Disembodied-Head-Superboy-Adventure Comics V1 #292 (DC)

The Brain in Adventures into Terror #4 and #6 (Atlas) is actually a disembodied head and is still waiting to return.

Body Part Disembodied-Head–The Brain-Adventures into Terror #4 Body Part Disembodied-Head–The Brain-Adventures into Terror #6


Occasionally disembodied body parts appear but we then discover the bodies are hidden. In Action Comics V1 #284, Supergirl enters the “Valley of Hands”!

Body Part Disembodied–Valley of Hands-Action Comics #284

Supergirl battles giant feet, actually part of the Infinite Monster, in Action Comics V1 #285. Maybe the Valley of Hands in the previous issue generated a lot of fan mail!

Body Part Disembodied–The Infinite Monster - Action Comics #285-19 Body Part Disembodied–The Infinite Monster - Action Comics #285-26

The Brain-Child is a disembodied brain that inhabits the Savage Dragon Universe.

Body Part Disembodied-Brain-Child-Savage Dragon

Black Bolt #3 (Marvel)

Blood Diner

Donovan’s Brain (1953)

Futurama – Heads in a Jar

Handy – Little Dracula #3 (Harvey)

The Brain of Colonel Barham – Outer Limits

The Brain that Wouldn’t Die

The Running Ghost – Haunted Horror #27 (IDW)

Thing – Addams Family

Triskelions in Who’s Who in Star Trek #2 (1987)

The Flameskull can launch fire balls (D&D 4th Edition – Monster Manual 1).

Body Part Disembodied-Flameskull-D&D 4th Edition - Monster Manual 1

Crawling Claws – WTC11832 – Monsters of Faerun


Crawling Claw – TSR 2140A Monstrous Manual


Deryth – Creature Collection II. Dark Menagerie


Gallows Eyes – Creature Collection II. Dark Menagerie


Lumi – D&D 3.5 – Monster Manual III


Lurking Strangler – D&D 3.5 – Monster Manual III


Menace of the Floating Head – Tales to Astonish V1 #8


Arcane Head – TSR 2166 Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume 3

Break #6

Dept of Monsterology – The Trouble with Harry (Renegade)

Herman von Klempt in B.P.R.D. The Devil You Know #1 (Dark Horse)

Iron Man Brain – Dark Avengers #189

Judge Dredd – “Crusade” – 2000 AD #937

Judge Dredd – “Part Exchange” – 2000 AD #903

Mambo – “The New Flesh” – 2000 AD #890

ORCOM – Outcasts #10 (DC)

Orpheus (Vertigo) – The Sandman-Fables and Reflections V6

Revere – “Finders Edge” – 2000 AD #745

Sam Slade Robo-Hunter – “Escape from Bisleyland” – 2000 AD #753

Slaine – “Lord of Misrule” – 2000 AD #958

“The Hunting of the Veks” – Tales of Telguuth (2000 AD)

“The Monster Maker” – Challengers of the Unknown V1 #2

The Twilight Zone #16 (Gold Key)

Valla deals with person with a disembodied head in Dark Fang #1 (Image)

Vargouille – TSR 2016 Monster Manual II

Vector 13 – “Chill Out” – 2000 AD #1079

Ward of Swords – Sandman Presents-Petrefax #3 (Vertigo)

Weird Fantasy #13 (EC)

Witch World – “The Anatomist” – 2000 AD #1056

Robot (Image) has been turned into a brain in a jar as a precaution against his evil genius in Invincible #142 (2017).

Tath Ki (Marvel) has been decapitated by Warlock in Infinity Countdown Prime #1.

Day of the Flying Head #2 (Hollow Press)

“The Devil’as Hand” – Eerie #31 (1971)


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