462) Trap Manipulation

Trap Manipulation – The ability to manipulate traps with special skill and/or traps with special properties to achieve special effects.  Trap Manipulation is also known as Pagídakinesis, Trap Alteration, Trap Control, Trap Distortion, Trap Mastery and Trap Shifting.  Similar to (359) Prison Manipulation.  The big difference is that trap manipulation is being done by a person.  Prison manipulation is a system that includes a building and a team.  The warden may be the leader of the institution but wardens can and are replaced.  A subcategory of (350) Power Bestowal (objects).

Literary Critique of Trap Manipulation 

Batman (DC) faces the Trapper (DC) in Detective Comics V1 #206.


Grimbor the Chainsman (DC) is a master trapper in Who’s Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes #2.


Master Jailer (DC) can even trap Superman in DC Who’s Who V1 #14.


The Trapster (Marvel) evolved from just using adhesive paste to using a wide variety of trapping techniques in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #11.


The Trapster’s Glue Gun explained in Marvel Fact Files #36.

Paste Pot Peep (Marvel) of Earth 8311

Kraven the Hunter (Marvel) shows that he is indeed a master trapper (Avengers: Standoff!). The little girl that is trapped is not a little girl at all but a virtually all powerful cosmic cube named Kobik!

A Gravity Ball is a souped-up ball and chain in U.S. Avengers #12.

Lock-Up (DC) – Nightwing V2 #35

Eternity (Marvel) has been shackled by the First Firmament (Marvel) in Ultimates 2 #1.

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