462) Trap Manipulation

Trap Manipulation – The ability to manipulate traps.

Batman (DC) faces the Trapper in Detective Comics V1 #206.


Grimbor the Chainsman (DC) is a master trapper in Who’s Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes #2.


Master Jailer (DC) can even trap Superman in DC Who’s Who V1 #14.


The Trapster (Marvel) evolved from just using adhesive paste to using a wide variety of trapping techniques in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #11.


The Trapster’s Glue Gun explained in Marvel Fact Files #36.

Kraven the Hunter (Marvel) shows that he is indeed a master trapper (Avengers: Standoff!). The little girl that is trapped is not a little girl at all but a virtually all powerful cosmic cube named Kobik!

A Gravity Ball is a souped-up ball and chain in U.S. Avengers #12.

Lock-Up (DC) – Nightwing V2 #35

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