222) Illusions

Illusions – The ability to fool the perceptions of others so they perceive something that is not real.  Illusions are also known as Genjutsu (Naruto), Hallucikinesis, Hallucination Manipulation, Hallucinogen, Illusion Casting, Illusion Creation, Illusion Manipulation, Illusions and Mirage Generation.

Literary Critique of Illusions

Mark Millar shows the reader how powerful illusion can be in Jupiter’s Legacy (Image).

Illusions-Jupiter's Legacy-Book #1 (2015)-56 Illusions-Jupiter's Legacy-Book #1 (2015)-57

Mindboggler (DC) is a supervillain that not only creates illusions but can induce feelings in her victims as they react to her illusions (DC Who’s Who #15).

Illusions-Mindboggler-DC Who's Who #15

Mirage (DC) fought Batman with believable illusions (DC Who’s Who #15).

Illusions-Mirage-DC Who's Who #15

Princess Projectra (DC) uses her power against Nemesis Kid below (Legion of Super-Heroes V3 #5).

 Illusions–Princess Projectra-Legion of Super-Heroes V3 #5

Morgan le Fay (Marvel) – The Invincible Iron Man V1 #150

Twilight creates illusions that sometimes come alive in the Ultraverse (1993 SkyBox Ultraverse).

Illusions-1993 SkyBox Ultraverse-10Bk Twilight Illusions-1993 SkyBox Ultraverse-10Fr Twilight

Doctor Strange (Marvel) creates the illusion of multiple selves in Strange Tales V1 #130.


Emma Frost (Marvel) creates the illusion that Cyclop has been killed by Black Bolt when actually he died of disease in order to rally the mutant troops in Death of X #4.

illusions-emma-frost-death-of-x-4-2017-22 illusions-emma-frost-death-of-x-4-2017-23 illusions-emma-frost-death-of-x-4-2017-24 illusions-emma-frost-death-of-x-4-2017-25

Jean Grey (Marvel) traps Karnak (Marvel) in an illusion in Inhumans vs. X-Men #1.

illusions-jean-grey-inhumans-vs-x-men-1-2017-35 illusions-jean-grey-inhumans-vs-x-men-1-2017-36

The Melkots and Talosians can create vast illusionary environments (Who’s Who in Star Trek #2, DC).

illusions-star-trek-melkots-whos-who-in-star-trek-2-dc illusion-star-trek-talosians-whos-who-in-star-trek-2-dc

TC-Illusions of the Kindred

TC-Reaper’s Shadowbox

Amorpha looks like the most beautiful girl a particular man has seen or imagined in Jonni Future “Seraglio of the Stars”- Tom Strong’s Terrific Tales #3 (America’s Best Comics).

Mambo – “The New Flesh” – 2000 AD #889

Rose – Champions #4 (Eclipse)

The New Superman (DC) sees past illusion using Triagram 3 in New Super-Man #16.

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