048) Armor (matter)

Armor (matter) – Armor made out of inorganic matter.  Armor (matter) is also known as an exoskeleton.  A subcategory of (350) Power Bestowal (objects).

Literary Critique of Armor (matter) 


The Marvel universe uses armor a lot more than the DC universe and the theme is more or less that the government sees armor as an equalizer in the battle between humans and superhuman and mutants in particular.

Iron Man (Marvel) is the most famous hero with armor and first armor was the Mark I in Marvel Fact Files #48 (Eaglemoss).

The Iron Monger (Marvel) armor is in some ways the Mark I armor on steroids in Marvel Fact Files #54.

Iron Man has a new endo-sym armor that seems more like an intrinsic superpower than a gadget.

Armor (matter)- Endo-Sym Armor-Superior Iron Man #1 (2015)

The Guardsman (Marvel) armor was designed for prison guards dealing with supervillains (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V2 #5).

The Mandroids (Marvel) were created by Tony Star for S.H.I.E.L.D.

Marvel Fact Files #44 (Eaglemoss).

War Machine (Marvel) uses yet another armor created by Tony Stark in Marvel Fact Files #14 (Eaglemoss).

Iron Man has created many, many suits of armor!

An alternate Earth Tony Stark creates the Star Light armor for Sharon Rogers (Marvel) in Marvel Future Fight-An Eye on the Future #1.

The Crimson Dynamo (Marvel) is an armored opponent of Iron Man that focused on offensive weapons (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #3).

Armor (matter)-Crimson Dynamo-Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #3

The Titanium Man (Marvel) has been a cohort of the Crimson Dynamo and the wearer is a larger man than Iron Man and generally larger and stronger than Iron Man (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #11).

Armor (matter)-Titanium Man-Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #11

Doctor Doom  (Marvel) is the leading super villain in the Marvel universe who uses armor.  Doctor Doom generally wears his “classic” suit of armor as shown in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #3.

Doctor Doom has worn many suits of armor during his career but not as many as Iron Man.

1985 – Doctor Doom Beyonder Armor – Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #10

1991 – Doctor Doom Promethium Armor – Fantastic Four #350

Doctor Doom Vibranium Armor – Doomwar #6

Doctor Doom Battleworld Armor – Secret Wars #2

2016 – Doctor Doom creates an armor that incorporates elements of Iron Man’s armor in Infamous Iron Man #1.

In 2099 Marvel universe time not publication date time a character which may or may ot be doom upgrades his armor in Doom V1 #1.

What would happen if Doctor Doom fought Iron Man?  This has actually happened several times!

1981 The Invincible Iron Man #150

1989 The Invincible Iron Man #249

2008 Iron Man: Legacy of Doom  #1

2008 Mighty Avengers V1 #9

Thor (DC) has worn several different types of armor over the years.

1987 – Thor’s Battle Armor – Thor #378

1987 – Thor’s Destroyer Armor – Thor #381

2011 – Thor with Odin Sword – Journey Into Mystery #628

What if you combine Iron Man and Thor?  You get Iron Hammer (Marvel) in Infinity Wars-Iron Hammer #1 (2018).

Beetle (Marvel) is a super villain and in Marvel Fact Files #30.

The Black Panther (Marvel) creates a one-shot armor in The Totally Awesome Hulk #9.

The Grizzly (Marvel) uses armor that appears to be (045) Armor (dermal) but is not as shown by Spider-Man in Amazing Spider-Man V1 #139.

The Rhino (Marvel) cannot take of his rhino armor which is actually much tougher than rhino hide (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #9).  The armor looks like skin and therefore (045) Armor (dermal) but is attached to the Rhino’s body rather than being skin.

Armor (matter)-Rhino-Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #9

Defensor (Marvel) wears a conquistador armor made of vibranium in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #3.


Roberta da Costa (Marvel) uses Warlock (Marvel) as armor in New Avengers #15.

In Tales to Astonish V1 #60, Bruce Banner is smart enough to make an armor that can defeat the Hulk but is stupid enough to call the suit of armor Robot (Marvel).

Stilt-Man (Marvel) has a suit of armor with stilts (Marvel Fact Files #41)!

A one-shot armor probably designed by Reed Richards in Secret Invasion – Fantastic Four #2.

Captain America – Secret Empire (GN)

Daredevil 2099 #1


The DC universe uses armor a lot less than the Marvel universe and there is no DC equivalent to Iron Man in terms of importance in the DC universe.

Apollodorus (DC) is a one-shot armor that showed up in Superman Unchained #2.

The Atomic Knight (DC) wears a radiation proof suit in DC Who’s Who V1 #1.


Make sure to read DC vs. Valiant Universe 2: Armorines vs. The Atomic Knights.

Hi-Tech Armor – DC Heroes-DC Technical Manual

Jimmy Olsen – “The Robot Jimmy Olsen” – Superman’s Pal #35

Batman (DC) in general is an example (416) Suit Manipulation but occasionally wears armor.

Bat Knight Armor – Kingdom Come #1 (1996)

Batman Beyond Armor – Batman Beyond V1 #1

Batman’s Hellbat ArmorBatman and Robin #33 (2014)

Batman’s Justice Buster ArmorBatman #35 (2014)

Batman’s Man Bat Armor – Batman Incorporated #12 (2013)

Batman’s Predator Suit – Batman vs Predator #3

Batman’s Project Batman Armor – Batman #41 (2015)

Batman’s Stealth Suit – Superman Unchained #2 (2013)

Batman’s Suit of Sorrows Detective Comics #838 (2007)

Batman’s Thrasher Armor – Batman #8 (2012)

Batman’s Trinity Armor – Trinity-Batman Superman Wonder Woman #3

Batman – The Dark Knight Returns TPB (1986)

Batman Insider SuitBruce Wayne: The Road Home TPB

Batwing ArmorBatwing 00 #

Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice movie – Mech Batsuit

Joker Armor – Harley Quinn and Batman #1

Superman (DC) generally uses (416) Suit Manipulation but has been known to don armor as well!

Anti Parasite Armor – Superman Earth One V2 (2012)

Kryptonian War Suit – World of Krypton V2

Kryptonite Containement Suit – Superman/Batman #45 (2008)

Master Race Armor – Dark Knight III – The Master Race #5 (2016)

Metal Man Superman – Justice #9 (2007)

Kryptonian Armor – Superboy V5 #15 (DC)


New 52 Armor – Superman V3 #11 (2012)

Power Armor – Action Comics #659 (1990)

Sun Armor – Superman Confidential #11 (2008)

Superboy Prime Armor – Infinite Crisis #6-2

Superman Animated –  Anti-Kryptonite Suit

Superman Animated – Space Suit 1

Superman Animated – Space Suit 2

Superman Animated – Underwater Suit

Superman Lead Armor – Action Comics V1 #249 (1959)

The lead armor makes a comeback in Action Comics V1 #278 (1961).

Superman Unchained Armor – Superman Unchained #7 (2014)

Armor of Hephaestus – Superman-Wonder Woman #6 (2014)

What if Darkseid (DC) had adopted Superman as his son?  Superman wears some pretty cool armor in this Elsewhere story in Superman: The Dark Side.

Lex Luthor (DC) has worn several types of armor over the years.

In 1956, the  Silver Age, Lex Luthor wore energy absorbing armor in Superman V1 #106.  This was a one-shot armor.

The armor does not have any offensive weaponry beyond an ability to absorb Superman’s energy!

In 1983, the Pre-Crisis period, the iconic Lex Luthor’s Warsuit  was first introduced in Action Comics #544.  The warsuit uses ancient Lexorian technology.

The story also changes the motivation of Lex Luthor from angry rivalry to darker hatred. In

In 1985, Lex Luthor goes from a grey armor to a gold one as was the case with Iron Man in Superman V1 #404 but this happens outside the normal continuity.

In 1993, Post-Crisis era, the warsuit’s appearance and purpose is changed in Supergirl and Team Luthor V1 #1.

Team Luthor use their armors on behalf of LexCorp to help Metropolis and provide Superman with competition as shown in the DC Heroes-DC Technical Manual.

In 2004, Post-Crisis period, the green and purple Lex Luthor’s Warsuit returns in Superman Batman #6.  The armor includes technology given to Luthor by Darkseid (DC)!

In 2005, the Post-Crisis era, Luthor uses all types of kryptonite on Supergirl in Supergirl V5 #3.  Luthor uses Black Kryptonite which has the effect of creating an evil doppelganger of Supergirl!

In 2007-Lex Luthor turns a Kryptonian war ship into Kryptonian Armor in Superman V1 #653.  This is a one-shot armor.

In 2013, the Post-Flashpoint era, the warsuit takes on a mecha look and includes an energy blade in Action Comics #21.  Luthor’s face is uniquely not visible in this version of Luthor’s armor.

In 2013, the warsuit goes back to a none mecha look in Forever Evil #2.  Significantly, Luthor teams up with Batman to fight an even more evil Crime Syndicate as part of the Forever Evil story line.

In 2016, after Luthor has tasted being a superhero in the Forever Evil story line, the warsuit uses red and blue instead of green and purple colors in Action Comics #957.  Luthor thinks Superman is dead and decides to replace him and even appropriates Superman’s iconic ‘s”.

Shockwave (DC) – Who’s Who Update ’87 #5

Night Owl (DC) – MF254 Watchmen Sourcebook

Rocket Red (DC) – Armor – DC Heroes-DC Technical Manual

Society of the Golden Wing – Armor – DC Heroes-DC Technical Manual


Brass (Image) – Wildstorm Universe Sourcebook #1 (Image)

Ful Force (Image) – Regulators #2

Rocket Girl #1  (Image)

Tech Jacket #1  (Image)

Baron Daigon in Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook #1 (IDW).

Magnattack (Image Comics) uses magnetism to create metal armor (The Official Handbook of the Invincible Universe #2).

Armor (matter)-Maganattack-The Official Handbook of the Invincible Universe #2 (Image)

Tesla Strong (America’s Best Comics) operates a Gemsuit that protects her from lava in a volcano but not the hostile humanoids that inhabit the volcano.

Armorines (Valiant) in their first incarnation in Armorine #0 in 1994. The Armorines are created from alien technology to take on X-O Manowar.

A much reboot version of the Armorines is explained in Valiant Universe Handbook 2015 Edition #1.

Judge Dredd – “Judgement Day” – 2000 AD #794

Helmed Horror – TSR 2145 Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume 1

Rogue Trooper (Friday) – “Blue on Blue” – 2000 AD #929

Rogue Trooper (Friday) – “Collateral” – 2000 AD #1008

Rogue Trooper (Friday) – “Mindbombs” – 2000 AD #939

Rogue Trooper (Friday) – “Scavenger of Souls” – 2000 AD #873

Rogue Trooper (Friday) – “Scavenger of Souls” – 2000 AD #877

Rogue Trooper (Friday) – “Scavenger of Souls” – 2000 AD #878

Iron Maiden uses a low tech armor but the armor still saves her life more than once in T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #7 (Tower).

Total Survival Suit – Fifth Doctor Sourcebook

Vector 13 – “Case One Berserkers” – 2000 AD #965

The Minotaur (Dark Horse) makes an armor that is so strong that it breaks her back when used in Sherlock Frankenstein and the Legion of Evil #3.

The Elephant (Image) uses very low tech armor and is probably an homage to the Rhino above (Official Handbook of the Invincible Universe #1).

In contrast, the Furnace (Image) is like an evil Iron Man in the Invincible Universe (Official Handbook of the Invincible Universe #1).

Lava is trapped in his armor (1993 SkyBox Ultraverse).

Prototype is the most powerful armored character in the Ultraverse (1993 SkyBox Ultraverse).

Ranger was the predecessor of Prototype in the Ultraverse (1993 SkyBox Ultraverse).

Fortress America appeared in Pantheon (Lone Star Press).

The Savage Dragon Universe is filled with armored characters including Armor, Battle Tank, Deathseed, Insect, Kid Avenger, and Megatech.

Battle Tank
Kid Avenger

The Forever Knights (Ben 10) wear armor that looks mediaeval but is technologically enhanced.

Combat is part of the Wildstorm universe and wears armor that has a Viking flavor (Youngblood Battlezone #1).

S.E.N.T.I.N.E.L. (Wildstorm) uses a mini force field to protect his head (Youngblood Battlezone #1).

Captain Matthew Huxley – Quarantine Zone OGN – Daniel H. Wilson

Space Marines Power-Armor-Warhammer 40K

A.C.E.-Autonomous Combat Equipment- Heavy Metal – September (1981)

Armor is often used in trading card games.

Armor Cracker

Armored Bantha Mount (Star Wars)

Armored Raider Gandaval

Armored Scout Gestuchar

Armored Warrior Quelos

Crystal Armor

Deflective Armor

Dragon Plate

Dragon Scale Armor

Marine Rebel Armor

Orca Battle Suit

Sundrop Armor

Animech #1 (2006)

Buck Rogers #5 (Dynamite)

King Killmonger uses a suit of armor in Avengers Forever #6 (Marvel).

048) Armor (matter)-King Killmonger-Avengers Forever #6 (Marvel)

King Killmonger’s suit has Destroyer (Marvel) type powers.

048) Armor (matter)-King Killmonger-Avengers Forever #6 (Marvel)2

Vibranium Man has armor made of vibranium in Avengers Forever #6 (Marvel).

048) Armor (matter)-Vibranium Armor on Vibranium Man in Avengers Forever #6 (Marvel)

The Black Knight in sexy armor in Grimm Spotlight – Zodiac (2022).

048) Armor (matter)-Grimm Spotlight - Black Knight in Zodiac (2022)

Logan Patrick OConnel in armor in Grimm Spotlight: Zodiac (2022),

048) Armor (matter)-Grimm Spotlight - Logan Patrick OConnel in Zodiac Armor(2022)

Superman and Batman get a mecha makeover!

048) Armor (matter)-Batman - The Knight #6 (of 10) (2022) - Page 32

A one-shot armor in Earth-Prime #6 (DC).

048) Armor (matter)-Earth-Prime #6 (of 6) (2022) - Page 38

Toni Stacy is Iron Gwen in Spider-Gwen – Gwenverse #3 (Marvel).

048) Armor (matter)-Toni Stacy is Iron Gwen-Spider-Gwen - Gwenverse #3 (2022) - Page 10

Rampage has maces for hands in Invincible – Three’s Company V7 (Image).

048) Armor (matter)-Rampage-Invincible - Three's Company V7 (2006) - Page 96

Iron Cat in Iron Cat #2 (Marvel)

048) Armor (matter)-Iron Cat #2 (2022) - Page 1

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