019) Animal Communication

Animal Communication – The ability to communicate rather than control animals.   Animal Communication is also known as Animal Whispering, Dolittling, Faunal Communication, and Zoolingualism.  Similar to (292) Mind Control (animal).

This superpower allows the author to access the POV of animals which can be played to comic effect.  Tarzan meets Doctor Doolittle in Wambi #1 (Fiction House).  For the record, cheetahs inhabit African and Tigers Asia!


A little dog communication in Finn – Season of the Witch – 2000 AD #994.

Ant-Man (Marvel) communicates with ants but only ants!  Zero attempt to explore the POV of ants!

Animal Communication-Ant Man-Cybernetic Helmet Blueprints-Marvel

Doctor Doolittle would be an early example of a character with this power and can Talk to the Animals.  The POV of animals is a major part of this story.

Animal Communication–The Story of Doctor Dolittle

Squirrel Girl (Marvel) talks to animals but only squirrels (The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl V1 #1).  A good read.  The relationship between Squirrel Girl and her side kick squirrel Tippy Toe is developed as the series progresses.  Probably the best example of how you can add the POV of animals with this superpower in order to add dimensionality to your stories.

Animal Communication–The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 (2015)

Ok you can talk to animals but the animals aren’t smart enough for you to understand them what do you do? In The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl V2 #18 (Marvel), a mysterious elderly lady has developed a chip that allows communication and raises the animals IQ so they understand the instructions given!

Vermin (Marvel) controls rats. Squirrel Girl control squirrels. What would happen if they fought? The results are humorously explored in New Avengers #16.

Tippy Toe convinces the rats that Vermin is exploiting them and convinces the rats to go on strike!  Rodents of the World Unite!

Stinger (Marvel) is a supervillain that is the daughter of the current Ant Man and gets a helmet that can communicate with 5,000 insects in Ant-Man #6 (2016).

Animal Communication-Stinger-The Astonishing Ant-Man #6 (2016) 20 Animal Communication-Stinger-The Astonishing Ant-Man #6 (2016) 21

Bird Monster is a silly super villain in Archie’s Madhouse #44 who can communicate with birds.


Calebs of the Neodog Corps are dogs that have a psychic link with their handlers (Starship Troopers #2, Dark Horse).


In Tales to Astonish V1 #27 (Marvel), talking with a horse backfires.

animal-communication-tales-to-astonish-v1-27-22 animal-communication-tales-to-astonish-v1-27-23 animal-communication-tales-to-astonish-v1-27-24

In the Twilight Zone #82 (Gold Key), talking with dogs backfires.

animal-communication-the-twilight-zone-82-gold-key-9 animal-communication-the-twilight-zone-82-gold-key-8 animal-communication-the-twilight-zone-82-gold-key-6

White Fox (Marvel) can talk to pigeons and other animals (Civil War II – Choosing Sides #6).

animal-communication-white-fox-civil-war-ii-choosing-sides-6-13 animal-communication-white-fox-civil-war-ii-choosing-sides-6-14

In Archer Coe and the Thousand Natural Shocks #2 (Oni), the reader finds out that from the POV of cats that putting locks on garbage cans means you are bad people!

In Doctor Strange #390, Spider-Man (Marvel) asks Doctor Strange (Marvel) to use a spell so he can talk to a spider.

The Silver Age Hawkman (DC) could communicate with birds (Hawkman-The Atom V1 #7).

Children of the Sea can communicate with fish in TSR 2173 Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume 4.

Communication with animals can have a psychological cost in Firekind2000 AD #830.

Eve (Vertigo) apparently has some history with birds in The Dreaming #23.  Eve is the mother of men and men have not been very nice to birds.

Sissy (Vertigo) could talk to a fish if she knew Chinese in The Dreaming #51.

Thessaly (Vertigo) can talk to squirrels in The Dreaming #48.

Astro City #47 (Vertigo)

Doctor Strange (Marvel) can talk with a basset hound in Doctor Strange #382 (Marvel).

Birdman can talk with his eagle sidekick Avenger in Future Quest Presents #5 (DC).

Nikki Finch talks with pigeons with comic effect in Secret Weapons #0 (Valiant)


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