009) Alcohol Manipulation

Alcohol Manipulation – The ability to manipulate the effect of alcohol and/or create alcohol type effects in others. The ability to create alcohol instantly from nothing.  Alcohol Manipulation is also known as Alcohol Control, Alcokinesis and Dictukinesis.

Literary Critique of Alcohol Manipulation

This is a good example of how genre effects superpower frequency.  The superhero genre is basically aimed at a younger audience.  Parents are assumed to be wary of references to alcohol therefore this is an edgy power that will be avoided.  Bacchus is a great comic book that should be on any list of top 100 comic books. However, in the comic book Bacchus displays immortality, the ability to tell great stories, claims he has the ability to make wine and the shows ability to put a spirit in a bottle of wine but not the powers of alcohol manipulation but let’s assume he has that power as well (Bacchus #2 1988).

Alcohol Manipulation–Bacchus #2 (Harrier Comics)


Dionysus (Marvel) makes an appearance in Deadpool-GLI – Summer Fun Spectacular #1.  Deadpool (Marvel) is an edgy character that breaks the fourth wall on a regular basis so an edgy superpower makes sense in the title of a edgy character.

alcohol-manipulation-dionysus-deadpool-gli-summer-fun-spectacular-1-2008-1 alcohol-manipulation-dionysus-deadpool-gli-summer-fun-spectacular-1-2008-2 alcohol-manipulation-dionysus-deadpool-gli-summer-fun-spectacular-1-2008-3

In Bizarre Adventures V1 #32, Hotei is identified as the God of Drunks but is actually the God of Peace and Contentment and furthermore in this story can create rice wine from nothingness.

Wine is used for magical effects in trading card games.

Black Wine

MoH Water to Wine

Armstrong and the Vault of Spirits #1 (Valiant)


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