052) Astral Manipulation

Astral Manipulation – The ability to manipulate energy and/or constructs on the astral plane.

Most mortals can only float around in their astral form but Baron Mordo (Marvel) and Doctor Strange (Marvel) can battle each other in the astral plane (Doctor Strange-Strange Tales V1 #121).

Astral Manipulation-Doctor Strange-Strange Tales V1 #121

Professor X (Marvel) and the Shadow King (Marvel) use more energy constructs and less beams of energy than Baron Mordo and Doctor Strange in their astral battle (X-Men V1 #117).

Astral Manipulation–Shadow King (Marvel)

Demons can apparently see and punch astral forms in a physical state (Doctor Strange #14, 2017).

astral-manipulation-doctor-strange-14-2017-11 astral-manipulation-doctor-strange-14-2017-12

The Shaolin Cowboy takes on a demon on the astral plane in Shaolin Cowboy – Who’ll Stop the Reign #1 (Dark Horse).

Trading Card Games often include astral manipulation as an option.

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