456) Transmutation (gold)

Transmutation (gold) – The ability to turn objects into gold.

For centuries, alchemists tried to create a Philosopher’s stone that would transmute base metals such as lead into gold.

Transmutation (gold)-Philosophers Stone

Goldface (DC) is an enemy of Green Lantern that can turn objects into gold and gold objects are yellow and Green Lantern’s ring does not work against yellow objects (DC Who’s Who V1 #9).

Transmutation (gold)-Goldface-DC Who's Who V1 #9

King Midas of Greek mythology could turn objects into gold.

Transmutation (gold)-King Midas

Steve Trevor is turned into gold in Wonder Woman V1 #72.

Transmutation (gold)-Wonder Woman V1 #72

Mr. Meek has the Midas touch but wait its aliens behind his power in Tales of Suspense V1 #36.

transmutation-gold-mr-meek-tales-of-suspense-v1-36-1 transmutation-gold-mr-meek-tales-of-suspense-v1-36-2

Another Midas touch story with a twist in Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #20.

transmutation-gold-mysteries-of-unexplored-worlds-20-1960-23 transmutation-gold-mysteries-of-unexplored-worlds-20-1960-24

Jimmy Olsen (DC) has the Midas touch in Jimmy Olsen #73.


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