264) Magma Manipulation

Magma Manipulation – The ability to manipulate magma.  Magma Manipulation is also known as Geothermal Bending, Geothermal Control, Geothermal Manipulation, Geothermal Release, Geo-Thermokinesis, Lava Bending, Lava Control, Lava Manipulation, Lava Release, Magma Bending, Magma Control, Magma Element Control, Magma Manipulation, Magma Release, Magmakinesis, Molten Control, Molten Manipulation, Molten Release, Molten Rock, Molten Stone Bending, Volcanic Bending, Volcanic Control, Volcanic Manipulation and Volcanic Release.

Literary Critique of Magma Manipulation 

Magma (Marvel) can manipulate lava and makes her first super powered appearance in New Mutants V1 #10.

Magma Manipulation-Amara Aquilla-New Mutants V1 #10

Magmim – D&D 3.5 – Monster Manual I


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