363) Psychometry

Psychometry – The ability to know the history of a person and/or object through physical contact.

Adrienne Frost (Marvel) learns her brother is a homosexual after bumping into his boyfriend (Emma Frost – Ultimate Collection).

Psychometry-Emma Frost - Ultimate Collection (2011)80 Psychometry-Emma Frost - Ultimate Collection (2011)81

The Dead Zone is a book by Stephen King that was turned into a movie and a TV series. In all three versions Johnny Smith, the protagonist, has the power of psychometry but often learns things he doesn’t want to learn through inadvertent contact.

Psychometry-The Dead Zone-Stephen King

Dharma (Dakotaverse) can see the past and future of an object when he touches the object (Milestone Media Universe Card Set).

Psychometry-Dharma-Milestone Media Universe Card Set

Longshot (Marvel) has an extended episode of psychometry in which the memories seem like ghosts in Uncanny X-Men V1 #230.

Gwendolyn (Vertigo) relives the memories of the person whose brain she eats in iZombie #1.

Secret Weapons #2 (Valiant)

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