363) Psychometry

Psychometry – The ability to know the history of a person and/or object through physical contact.  Psychometry is also known as Clairsentience, Clairtangence, Psychometrics and Trace Scrying.  This power is similar to (444) Telepathy.  If the person can know the future of a person through physical contact then similar to Similar to (356) Precognition, (106) Combat Clairvoyance and (482) Vision (time).

Literary Critique of Psychometry 

Adrienne Frost (Marvel) is the sister of Emma Frost (Marvel) the telepath and learns her brother is a homosexual after bumping into his boyfriend (Emma Frost – Ultimate Collection).

Psychometry-Emma Frost - Ultimate Collection (2011)80 Psychometry-Emma Frost - Ultimate Collection (2011)81

The Dead Zone is a book by Stephen King that was turned into a movie and a TV series. In all three versions Johnny Smith, the protagonist, has the power of psychometry but often learns things he doesn’t want to learn through inadvertent contact.

Psychometry-The Dead Zone-Stephen King

Dharma (Dakotaverse) can see the past and future of an object when he touches the object (Milestone Media Universe Card Set).

Psychometry-Dharma-Milestone Media Universe Card Set

Longshot (Marvel) has an extended episode of psychometry in which the memories seem like ghosts in Uncanny X-Men V1 #230.

Gwendolyn (Vertigo) relives the memories of the person whose brain she eats in iZombie #1.

Secret Weapons #2 (Valiant)

Psychometry Trading Card

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