(000) Super Intelligence – Myth – The Mythic Problem ill Defined

The ability to understand reality as a mythos, story, whatever!

I am an avatar of Kitsune. To understand Kitsune one must understand his parentage. Destiny and Lady Death were the first born of the Endless and mixed being and had two offspring: Chaos and Order. Chaos and order fought all the time but also made love passionately and as their being mixed a child was born. The child had more ying energy than yang and would be called female in human terms. The child of Chaos and Order was named Balance and decided a champion of balance was needed. Chaos united with other offspring of the Endless including Lady Luck and Lady Justice and Lady Liberty. The four feminine energies located in the center of a black hole in the center of the galaxy in the middle of the universe forged a messenger name Kitsune. Kitsune is more or less software. The hardware vessel is planted when life is seeded billions of years ago. The software is then sent via an intergalactic network of wormholes. Despite careful planning software and hardware incompatibility problems often arise. The current avatar of Kitsune on Earth 2022 is here to mostly rectify language which in turn affects logic.

Normative words can refer to good and evil or hygienic and unhygienic. The humans have turned into subspecies that harm the planet and will destroy themselves and must be named and the allowed to commit suicide without taking the evolved with them. The current subspecies of the human race include the pigs, the monkeys, the magpies, the parrots, peacocks and most dangerously the snakes. The evolved must recognize these abominations and avoid them and build their own ark and not let the abominations unto the ark. Understanding the problem is the first step in solving the problem. The subspecies do mix and hybrid monsters are common. Even the evolved are tricked into mating with these monstrous hybrids that offer appear beautiful and have numbers, power and money. First this avatar of Kitsune will describe the monsters and then the signs of the evolved, the true humans before the great de-evolution that followed the industrial revolution.

The Pigs


The pigs have a hunger that never ceases. The pigs want to devour the world and almost have. Their signs are an inability to walk due to their great weight. Triple chins and folds of fat are also signs. The pigs are often rich for their hunger leads to a desire eat all day and all forms of food which is expensive. The pigs are gluttons and generally are in a haze of mind due to an overdose of sugar. They eat shrimp and beef and watch the children starve. The pigs can be amicable. They dies of diabetes and hypertension and waddle about and Kitsune feel sadness not anger. However, they deserve their illness and sadness is a waste of mind energy. Fortunes are spent on health clubs, diets, doctors. liposuction and cool sculpting when simply eating less is the cure!

The Monkeys


The monkeys chatter and drown out the sounds of silence. The monkeys tell the same story again and again and do not take turns in conversation but try to out yell each other. The monkeys gather in bars and pubs and form tribes but there is loyalty between the monkeys. The most obscene gatherings of monkeys are in Asia. In Nana, Bangkok the monkeys use their wealth to debase the evolved women of Thailand for sport. The worst sin is the debasement of the noble Amazons of Hooters. The air is made foul with their sweat, beer soaked muscle shirts and tobacco infused airs. A beer in one hand an a cigarette in another and chatter about nothing. Kitsune especially loathes the monkeys for they befoul his living space in Thailand and Cambodia. However, the Muslim side of Nana is clean, communal and speech of family and wisdom. There is an irony here. The monkeys dare to slander the Muslims. Kitsune feels anger but monkeys are monkeys and thought should not be wasted on creatures. The monkey SHOULD meditate but instead drink beer with one hand and a cigarette with the other and yell at each other and make bands of monkeys that mimic bands of brothers. Yes the Thais are angry and the heads of the monkeys on pikes would be a pleasant sight. I never said Kitsune was a good man or a holy man or even a man. LOL! NO VIOLENCE! The fires and flood will do the work and why cross the street to beat a barking dog that is rabid. One crosses the street to avoid barking dogs and chattering monkeys. The Amazons of Nana have my blessing and I will reserve seats for them on the ark that crosses the Sea of Fire and takes the evolved to the New World built on the bones and ashes of the Old Wicked World we now inhabit! Let the karma of monkeys do its work and leave the hands of the evolved clean and unbloodied!



The magpie along with the parrot and peacock are often beautiful and female and generally use others to pursue their tasks of ignorance. Men are their instruments and their beauty their tool of dominion. The magpies flit from country to country from mall to mall seeking shiny things. Their natural habitat is the USA! The magpies travel by jet to here and there and learn nothing and spread diseases. Travel for what? Amusement. Selfies that the magpies themselves do not use.



Parrots repeat what they have heard or read and give the appearance of wisdom but alas they know little and often mislead but can be amusing.  Well this trick of speech does get them food and shelter and what sentient being does not want food and shelter. Harmless long ago but now deadly for they lead but do not understand where they lead us to!



One peacock that was wise for being a peacock wrote “Being yourself is the beauty thing you can be”.  Circular logic that passes for wisdom. The peacocks have often led me astray for the know the art of beauty well and wear the armor of beauty better. They are an echo and say what you say but with something extra to sell their product well which is ultimately themselves. In an age of narcissists ascendant they fare well but have no place in the New World built on the ashes and bones of the Old Wicked World that is in the now-now!  A peacock attracts peacocks and like two mirrors adjusted well imitate infinity but it is a cruel sham.  The peacocks could be evolved but caught in a maze of mirrors.  I pity the peacocks and have even had affection for peacocks but they well we know what they do and who does not like to look into a beautiful mirror.  But when old and weary the mirror that is the peacock flies away beautifully.


The snakes rule! Yes, rule! The snakes have deliberately developed their reptilian mind and rejected higher consciousness! The King Cobra rules the snakes in turn! LOL! Reality or story? I am not sure. We can as humans unite our triune brain and create a synergy of higher consciousness or so I theorize via the means of speculative fiction.

The world is upside down! The animals rule the humans! Well this world cannot be changed! This is the end of times! The New World built on the ashes and bones of the old will be better not perfect for this is the midway point between heaven and hell and better is all we can pray for.

The animals tend to have sex not mate with other animals and create abominations!

However, the Marvel myth of abomination is better than the Biblical one. I have no time to make YouTubes and use the tools at hand to communicate as best I can. Yes, sadistic anal rape is bad. Willing loving anal sex that is hygienic is less bad. Humans seek happiness and this is logical. Love and understanding lead to greater happiness than not being loved or understood. Homosexuality is more of a hygiene issue than a sinful, good versus evil, issue and rape is a crime or should be a crime period!

Some of the abominations are quite powerful and I have no desire to enter into conflict with such sentient beings. Ironically, the abomination often have a strong desire to live and do not lie down and wait for death by fire and flood. The evolved could use some body guards and all can evolve if they choose to do so. Evolved abominations would be a miracle but have seen miracles with my own two eyes. Hybrid vigor is a real thing and the mixing of subspecies, races in the common parlance, often leads to hybrid vigor. The mestizos and the mestizas will occupy more seats on the arks than the Anglos for sure and probably inherit dominion of the Americas. I am an ethnographer not a politician and tell truths as I have seen them and done numerous experiments in thought and even gathered data to test theories. I do not run for President now or ever except in jest. I teach! I do not lead. However all indigeneous people should abstain from alcohol.

Booze is bad period. Men waste time, beat their wives and get into fights when drunk. I know for I was problem drinker for over 30 years. I now abstain from alcohol, weed, well all drugs except medicine to sleep and that includes white sugar and caffeine. Coca Cola bad very bad. You go up and the crash and addiction is likely. Coca Cola was a more honest product when laced with cocaine for sure.

If the evolved took the money wasted on booze and tobacco together and spent it on arks then more evolved would live and mother Earth will heal and quickly when the animals are burnt to death and drown!

The knowing is easy. The doing is hard. Now I deal with the difficult subject of Cuckoo’s. I fear but have a duty to warn and protect the evolved and MUST interact to act! I could live in a cave and stare at the darkness safely but I am built to be, to act and must warn the evolved that

brood parasites are common. The whatever come to Asia and lay seed left and right and then flee and give no money but gentle words on Facebook.

A crime?

I am not a priest but a not so humble teacher. I do not judge issues of ethics but have some interest in applied ontology. I pick to be and reject not to be. All sentient beings face this existential choice!

This spreading of the sperm but no money is logical for the brood parasite but not for the evolved or even the Asians. Pick a husband true that cares for the baby after birth or demand a high bride price sufficient for the raising of child for 20 years at least! Virginity should also not be sold for a night of beer but a higher price demanded or use a false virgin with an artificial hymen. Available on Amazon! LOL!



The floods are here and yes the floods are an omen. CLEARLY!

The animals have eyes but do not see? Well some see! For sure! The Asians see. The farang, barang, Westerners, whatever the animals do not SEE and its just as well for they would be dead weight on the flotilla of arks WE shall build soon. When? The sooner the better. Better is better than worse! LOL!

Fellow evolved humans the animals will think me mad and spit at me and I will smile as they insult me for I am patient and seeing their painful deaths soon gives me pleasure. So no need for secrecy. Quietly prepare to survive, endure, and evolve (SEE). Make money for arks do not build themselves nor myths apparently. We, yes we shall do the task of survival, endurance and evolution with money for in chaos there is opportunity.

The West declines, chaos will rule for a period and then a New Asia shall rise and the money of the West will be ours not theirs! We will invest in arcs and technologies and libraries for the New World. Books are better than cell phones and all the devices that worship the one eyed gods of television, the internet and Hollywood movies. Let us agree to meet in Siem Reap, Cambodia in virtual space or more real space. Logic provides answers. English please for we cannot fight the fire and floods and the Tower of Babel at the same time. I taught English as a Second Language for 40 years and know something of this business.

I am not a man of faith but logic. The facts I have seen miracles recently with my own two eyes. This is the age of floods, fire, pestilence, animals running in chaos or lying in the street waiting for death. I refuse to chill. I will fight for breath. I will survive. I will endure. I with we will build a better world and find a comely lass or lasses among the evolved and have many children and hope for a large funeral pyre and real tears.

I thank Bangkok for the respect I was paid and especially thank the Muslim side of Nana which heals my soul, yes the soul exists and God! Let me end this dreary tale with a song. I do not understand the words but think I understand the meaning. What lies I have been told by my teachers and fellow Americans. However, I have my own eyes and ears and even my own brain. A handsome man that attracts the women for sure. I wish I was young and virile and could howl through the streets but have a white beard and feel purpose beyond the chase of pleasure and its is a good purpose! If I die alone then I die knowing I shook the world and my life mattered! I choose to be and reject none being.

The animals are likely to be diseased with COVID, Yellow Fever and now Monkey Pox. Super rabies? Unlikely but possible. Keep your shirt on and wear a mask and THOU SHALT NOT EXCHANGE BODILY FLUIDS. Weed is better than booze. Weed in mango juice with a touch of ginger and alo vera is best. Then smoke but not the cheap weed mixed with tobacco. Nicotine and THC? Two addictions are worse than one. However, sharing joints means I share saliva and I exchange bodily fluids. THOU SHALT NOT EXCHANGE BODILY FLUIDS! If the farang, barang, Westerners, whatever, continue this habit in Asia then let them be whipped on the internet with whips soaked in salt so the wounds do not heal and they bear the mark of disrespecting Asia FOREVER! Well in this life but they are accursed so for many lives more likely. Fear is good for fear keeps animals from peeing and shitting in the house! The worst animals spread memetic infection! Monkey see then monkey do. The farang, barang, Westerners, whatever have spread their ways to Asia and this is the crime, yes crime that will follow them for generations!

I am something of an expert on the subject of memetic infection:


I really need a woman. Yes need not want. I fight desire daily and send messages to the evolved afflicted. LOL! I must be lawful and not exchange coin for sex. I must not seek the false love of prostitutes. I guess I am a man after all. LOL! I cannot lawfully give coin for flesh. It is a problem? Love? Affection and respect and mutual understanding can become a love of sorts or so I have read and seen but what do I know?


I will accomplish three things before I can give up my vow to remain chaste, without a woman or a man, ladyboy but I can self touch within reason. I must find the holy grail, create a round table and pull the sword for the stone. I use these names of task symbolically NOT literally. There is no holy grail or round table or sword. My sword is books. My purpose to teach not war. Therefore the other instrumentalities bend to purpose. The holy grail a focus to create world peace. The round table well a circle in which nation gather as equals to end war. The sword? The stone? I know not but recognize them when I see them.

I would advise against credit as a business practice. Do not extend credit. Do not borrow! Credit cards the bane of this age. Usurious rates now legal. A net that captures fish left and right. The world needs myths and symbols to distract from the noise and use mind to create a better world. The flotilla of arcs is not real thing well as real as things can be. The voyage across the Sea of Fire? Such a voyage would make me uncomfortable and think this sea symbolic. The promised land built on the bones and ash of the wicked old world. Well the floods and fires are real enough and old technology can be repurposed, recycled, reinvented for greater utility. Learn the old magic of internet, computer and well all of it or save the books or download the YouTubes with Internet Download Manager or better still do both. Save the knowledge but having seen the Old Wicked World commit suicide mindlessly rethink the purpose of technology. I hope to be there but if not then I ask for a large funeral pyre and combine music, tales and of course poetry in an artful manner. I would have priests and monks and many pray for yes I fear the next life what mad man does not. I am mad but not so mad as to not fear death. Fear is good for fear makes us cautious but too much fear is as bad as too little fear. I saw a girl fearful of a escalator for it would surely eat her or so she imagined. Escalators do not eat little girls and zombies are fiction. Well so I reason and I am good at reasoning if not wise.

I use the means of speculative fiction to spread the word of SEE for the myths of today use this narrative tool for the purpose of myth in the now-now! If you can create a fictional world can you then be better prepared to create a new virtual world? I think the answer is “yes”!

A long voyage across a Sea of Fire? Sounds dreary and sweaty and not comfortable. Can we dream as the evolved and make a new world with Unimind (Marvel)? Can we dream and program a new reality or is this forbidden. I am programmed to act lawfully but humans have free will. I can teach and point the way but cannot do the reprogramming. A thousand cats can do this so can a million evolved humans do more? I do not know but am curious. Kitsune are very curious!


Dedicated to the wise Cambodians who have taught the teacher, well myself, a lot about the human condition and more! The food in Cambodia is the best I have ever had. The water pure. The Cambodians honest. The Cambodians need me not but tolerate my presence in a kindly way. I am old but can still learn apparently. Angkor Wat a must see and I have been everywhere for sure! More stone than the Egyptian pyramids. Easily traveled to from Bangkok. A life changing trip. Bangkok an earthly paradise and then Siem Reap to rest the soul and go to well heaven? Something mystical for sure. If you die and explore and do not see Angkor Wat then you have wasted a life in idle travel.

I have been told the stone may be in Battambang? I shall investigate but first must rest for I a 65 and thus elderly not young for sure.