027) Antimatter Mimicry

Antimatter Mimicry – The being is composed of antimatter or is a containment unit for antimatter which can be used for various effects.  Antimatter Mimicry is also known as Antimatter Physiology, and Antimatter Form.

Literary Critique of Antimatter Mimicry 

In theory, the mere touch of a character made out of antimatter should cause the a huge explosion and destroy the person touched but that’s not very dramatic so this idea is ignored in practice.  In Justice League of America V1 #47, the Anti-Matter Man (DC) is able to take on the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America at the same time.  The cover clearly states that to touch the Anti-Matter Man was to risk instant destruction and Batman goes ahead and slugs the guy!

AntiMatter Mimicry-Anti-Matter Man-Justice League of America V1 #47 (1966)-1

However, the Anti-Matter Man does have power enough to swat around eight heroes like files.

AntiMatter Mimicry-Anti-Matter Man-Justice League of America V1 #47 (1966)-20

The Anti-Monitor (DC) can take on superheroes from not just two but several Earths (Crisis on Infinite Earths #12)! In theory, the armor is a containment suit so touching the armor should not cause an explosion.

AntiMatter Mimicry-Anti-Monitor-Crisis on Infinite Earths #12

The Blue Marvel (Marvel) is one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel universe (OHOTMU A – Z Update #1) and uses antimatter as the basis of his superpowers.

AntiMatter Mimicry-Blue Marvel-OHOTMU A - Z Update #1-10

Anti-Man – Fourth Doctor Sourcebook


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