171) Energy Conversion

Energy Conversion – The ability to absorb one form of energy and convert it into another form of energy.  Energy Conversion is also known as Transduction.

Literary Critique of Energy Conversion 

Bishop (Marvel) is a superhero with this power (Bishop V1 #1).

Energy Conversion–Bishop V1 #1

Dazzler (Marvel) is a superheroine that can turn sound into light!

Energy Conversion–Dazzler

Hotstreak (Dakotaverse) has super speed but can convert the kinetic energy from the friction generated into flame (Milestone Media Universe Card Set).

Energy Conversion-Hotstreak-Milestone Media Universe Card Set

Catapult (Marvel) can turn inertial energy into energy he can catapult himself with in the Ultraverse (1993 SkyBox Ultraverse).

Energy Conversion-1993 SkyBox Ultraverse-7Bk Catapult Energy Conversion-1993 SkyBox Ultraverse-7Fr Catapult

Tinsel (Marvel) can turn light into plasma energy (1993 SkyBox Ultraverse).

Energy Conversion-1993 SkyBox Ultraverse-39Bk Tinsel Energy Conversion-1993 SkyBox Ultraverse-39Fr Tinsel

Earth Girl is a character in the Savage Dragon universe and can channel energy from the planet by eating dirt. This absorption process enables her to activate her powers in either of two ways. She can possess limited super strength or fire concussive energy beams.

Energy Conversion-Earth Girl-Savage Dragon

Feedback – Ben 10


Flash uses technology to convert his kinetic energy into a ray that scrambles Kryptonian physiology (Supergirl V6 #16).


Knight Sabre (Wildstorm) can turn anger into kinetic energy (Youngblood Battlezone #2).


The Shi’ar Imperial Guard has two energy converters including Neutron and Zenith.

energy-conversion-shiar-imperial-guard-neutron-marvel energy-conversion-shiar-imperial-guard-zenith-marvel

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