(000) Super Intelligence – Rebirth

Stay tuned for this a difficult topic and deeply personal!

Signs of the End of the Word


















“Societal Views” part is wrong of “End of Days” needs editing. The Buddhists are good not heathens. This is the 21st Century not the middle ages. We must learn from each other. Interfaith good, crusades bad! I AM NOT A CHRISTIAN AND LIKE THE BUDDHIST MONKS! A little too detached from the virtual reality I inhabit but a good lot all in all!

Next 422) Superhuman Leaping

I see contradiction Jesus was a Buddha so go ahead burn me at the stake!

Destiny and Death begat a elder daughter that was chaos. The next child was a son that was order. Daughter and son of Destiny and Death argued and has a child that was balance and tried to reconcile the parents and hermaphrodite like auntie Desire. I am balance. I balance the books. Jesus, Lucifer, angels and the whole lot of good and evil are a different family than the Endless!

Am I King Arthur, a knight other of the Round Table or Merlin or something new?  I do not war to end war that is for sure. I am confused but tis a pleasant confusion.  I need a lady to love in courtly manner above sex and reproduction and I must train.  The opponents, not enemies, fire, flood, pestilence and general madness and mayhem. King cobra?  King cobra can be a knight in the new round table for we are natural allies. I am not an enemy of money for armor and horse require coin and King Cobra wishes to survive and knows he or she needs more than coin.  I rename the Galactic Brotherhood to the name of Galactic Knights or GK for short. There are other round tables and together form a greater circle. 

Lindsey Stirling plays the violin well. I wonder how she would play me? Well seek courtly love not base intercourse for I am a page and must become a knight. A knight is needed not a professor of books. I have done the book learning and must become what I must become. God I pray for strength for I am weak, needy and arrogant and insult thoughtlessly. I trust in God not myself! Faith I need faith not more logic for I have enough logic. Ana is flesh and blood but I use the ideal of Ana to become more.

I went through a physical change after rebirth! The psychological change is encapsulated below. INTERFAITH! The humans of faith regardless of race, color and creed and gender must unite in prayer and ask for deliverance Satan with the gift of logic given by God! I must remove the sword from the stone, make the round table and craft the Holy Grail. I should cause universal peace be the champion of the children of Siem Reap and find woman worth loving. Finding the woman worth living will of course be the hardest task for sure! LOL!