(000) Super Intelligence – Rebirth

Stay tuned for this a difficult topic and deeply personal!

Signs of the End of the Word


“Societal Views” part is wrong of “End of Days” needs editing. The Buddhists are good not heathens. This is the 21st Century not the middle ages. We must learn from each other. Interfaith good, crusades bad! I AM NOT A CHRISTIAN AND LIKE THE BUDDHIST MONKS! A little too detached from the virtual reality I inhabit but a good lot all in all!

Next 422) Superhuman Leaping

I see contradiction Jesus was a Buddha so go ahead burn me at the stake!

Destiny and Death begat a elder daughter that was chaos. The next child was a son that was order. Daughter and son of Destiny and Death argued and has a child that was balance and tried to reconcile the parents and hermaphrodite like auntie Desire. I am balance. I balance the books. Jesus, Lucifer, angels and the whole lot of good and evil are a different family than the Endless!