391) Shield Manipulation

Shield Manipulation – The shield can be used for various superhuman effects due to the skill of the user and/or special properties of the shield.  Shield Manipulation is also known as is also known as Aspídakinesis, Shield Control and Shield Mastery.  A subcategory of (350) Power Bestowal (objects).

Literary Critique of Shield Manipulation 

Captain America’s (Marvel) shield can even withstand a head on blow from Thor’s hammer as shown in Avengers V3 #63.

Captain America’s Shield Evolution

The Medusa Shield has a long and complex history as show in in The Twilight Zone #7 (Gold Key).

Guardian (DC) has a shield like that of Captain America’s and has the same creators in DC Who’s Who V1 #9.

Aegis – AD&D Legends & Lore 1984

Shields of all sorts are popular in Trading Card Games.

Accorder’s Shield

Avenger’s Shield

Azure Shield of Coldarra

Briar Shield

Bruntor’s Shield

Cathar’s Shield

Deima’s Shield

Divine Shield

Dragon Buckler


Dragonscale Shield

Drillborer Disk

Durae Crystalshield

Exemplars Shield

Heavy Shield

Holy Shield

Ice Shield

Invisible Shield

Kite Shield

Light Shield

Millennium Shield

Netherwing Protectors Shield

Observers Shield

Order of the White Shield

Paradise Mantle

Platinum Shield of the Valorous


Shield Bash

Shield Block

Shield Broms Goblin

Shield Dissolve

Shield Man

Shield Master

Shield of Ancient Kings

Shield of Annihilation

Shield of Blood

Shield of Dulon

Shield of Gore

Shield of Huma

Shield of Iron Bound Ash

Shield of Shadows

Shield of Stones

Shield of the Oversoul

Shield of the Simurgh

Shield of the Storm

Shield of the Summit

Shield of Waves

Shield of Wickedness

Shield of Winds

Shield of Zeus

Shield Slam

Shield Sphere

Shield Terrain Broms Angelic

Shield Terrain Broms Demonic

Shield Terrain Broms Dragon

Shield Terrain Broms Goblin

Shield Terrain Broms Skull

Shield Terrain Maitzs Insect

Shield Terrain Maitzs Lightning

Shield Terrain Ploogs Rooster

Shield Terrain Ploogsox

Shield Terrain War Holas Snakes

Shield Wall

Shield Wall Knight

Sir Tython’s Shield

Skullflame Shield

Stoic Champion

Tower Shield

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