026) Antimatter Manipulation


Antimatter Manipulation – The ability to create antimatter or manipulate antimatter.  Antimatter Manipulation is also called Antikinesis, Anti-Molecukinesis, Antimatter Control, Negative Matter Control, and Negative Matter Manipulation.

Literary Critique of Antimatter Manipulation 

An extremely rare superpower.  If you turn matter into antimatter than it will explode when exposed to the surrounding matter.  The Composite Superman is not made out of antimatter but can create anti-matter (World’s Finest Comics V1 #168).  Superman and Batman feel like they are going to explode but don’t explode.

Anti-Matter Manipulation-Composite Superman-World's Finest Comics #168 (1967)

Galaxy Crimeteers  (DC) casually use antimatter in Superman V1 #188.

Uatu the Watcher (Marvel) turns space pirates into negative beings which to my way of thinking is antimatter in the story “The Watcher’s Power!” in Tales of Suspense V1 #57.



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