230) Insanity Manipulation (others)

Insanity Manipulation (others) – The ability to cause mental illness.   Insanity Manipulation (others) is also known as Delirium Inducement, Insanity Inducement, Insanity Induction, Madness Inducement, Mind Blasting, Mind Blowing and Mind Breaking.

Literary Critique of

A Kitsune, Japanese for fox, causes an evil man, who killed her Buddhist friend, to go insane in retribution (The Sandman-The Dream Hunters #4).

Insanity Manipulation (others)-1-Kitsune-The Sandman-The Dream Hunters #4 (2009)

The D&D universe has several characters that create different types of mental disturbances including Despair (Creature Collection II. Dark Menagerie), Fell Taint (D&D 4th Edition – Monster Manual 2) and the Shadow Jester (Creature Collection II. Dark Menagerie).

Insanity Manipulation (others)-Despair-Creature Collection II. Dark Menagerie Insanity Manipulation (others)-Fell Taint-D&D 4th Edition - Monster Manual 2 Insanity Manipulation (others)-Shadow Jester-Creature Collection II. Dark Menagerie

Abyssal Rotfiend – D&D 4th Edition – Monster Manual 2


Delirium (Vertigo) was Delight and is more less the goddess of madness in the Sandman universe (The Sandman – Brief Lives V7). Delirium is mad and can cause madness in others.

Why did delight become delirium?

In the beginning of the universe the realms of imagination and reality had porous borders and moving back and forth between these realms caused delight. When the borders became solid, the movement between reality and imagination became delirium.


Interestingly, Delirium has the power to grant sanity and helps a little girl become sane in The Sandman-Endless Nights.

insanity-manipulation-others-delirium-the-sandman-endless-nights-tpb-115 insanity-manipulation-others-delirium-the-sandman-endless-nights-tpb-116

Delirium (Vertigo) threatens to turn Dream insane in The Sandman-Brief Lives V7 (2011).

Dream (Vertigo) gives a man a dream of being the Emperor of the United States and “his madness keeps him sane” in The Sandman-Fables and Reflections V6 (2011).

Nikolai Dante uncovers a plot to make the King of England insane with a PSYKD Range 27 serum in “Cruel Britannia” – 2000 AD #1084.

Opal Kryptonite is a synthesized version of Kryptonite that was created by Terrence Sloan on Earth 2, which can apparently drive Kryptonians temporarily insane. Opal Kryptonite can only work for a short time, however, and will eventually burn out and turn into an ordinary stone after a certain amount of time (Earth 2 #0).

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