430) Superhuman Stealth

Superhuman Stealth – The ability to move in a covert way to a superhuman degree. Superhuman Stealth is also known as Enhanced Stealth, Immense Stealth, Stealth Tactics and Super Stealth.  Similar to (090) Camouflage and (226) Imperceptibility (self).

Literary Critique of Superhuman Stealth 

Ninjutsu includes shinobi-iri (stealth and entering methods).

Ninjak (Valiant) is a super ninja.

Superhuman stealth–Ninjak (Valiant)

Elektra (Marvel) is another super ninja but much more famous than Ninjak.

 Superhuman Stealth–Elektra (Marvel)

Stealth (DC) can absorb and deflect waves, can cloak her presence and baffle sensor devices (Who’s Who in the DC Universe #12).

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