Nuclear Reactor

Nuclear Reactor – The ability to generate nuclear energy within one’s body. This energy can be used for various effects. The character is no longer dependent of food and water and is essentially a human nuclear reactor.  A character of with this power is generally much more powerful than a character that just has the power of radiation manipulation such as Radiation Roy (DC).  owever, the being is still corporeal and not being made of energy as is the case in radiation mimicry.

Captain Atom (DC) is turned into a nuclear reactor in Captain Atom #1 (1987).

Nuclear Reactor-Captain Atom #1 (1987).

Neutron (DC) is so powerful that he can go toe to toe with Superman (DC Who’s Who #26).

Nuclear Reactor-Neutron-DC Who's Who #26

In Defenders V1 #53, the Presence (Marvel) emerges from a nuclear holocaust a being of incredible nuclear power.

Nuclear Reactor-Presence-Defenders V1 #53

In Solar, Man of the Atom #1(Gold Key), Solar emerges as a human nuclear reactor after a nuclear accident.

Nuclear Reactor-Solar, Man of the Atom #1(Gold Key)

Reactron (DC) was an enemy of Supergirl (DC Who’s Who #19).


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