320) Nuclear Reactor

Nuclear Reactor – The ability to generate nuclear energy within one’s body. This energy can be used for various effects. The character is no longer dependent of food and water and is essentially a human nuclear reactor.  A character of with this power is generally much more powerful than a character that just has the power of 367) Radiation Manipulationsuch as Radiation Roy (DC).  Generally a character with this power is also more powerful than a being with just 368) Radiation Mimicry.

Captain Atom (DC) is turned into a nuclear reactor in Captain Atom #1 (1987).

Nuclear Reactor-Captain Atom #1 (1987).

Neutron (DC) is so powerful that he can go toe to toe with Superman (DC Who’s Who #26).

Nuclear Reactor-Neutron-DC Who's Who #26

In Defenders V1 #53, the Presence (Marvel) emerges from a nuclear holocaust a being of incredible nuclear power.

Nuclear Reactor-Presence-Defenders V1 #53

In Solar, Man of the Atom #1(Gold Key), Solar emerges as a human nuclear reactor after a nuclear accident.

Nuclear Reactor-Solar, Man of the Atom #1(Gold Key)

Reactron (DC) was an enemy of Supergirl (DC Who’s Who #19).


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