017) Animal Anatomy (multi)

Animal Anatomy (multi) – The person can turn into almost any type of animal imaginable.

Beast Boy (DC) aka Changeling can turn into any animal ranging from a fly to a rhino (Tales of the New Teen Titans #3).

Animal Mimicry (multi)-Beast Boy-Tales of the New Teen Titans #3

Byth (DC) can turn into any animal from any planet which is a feat Beast Boy has not demonstrated (DC Who’s Who #3).

Animal Mimicry (multi)-Byth-DC Who's Who #3

Sideshow (Dakotaverse) can turn parts of his body into myriad animal shapes (Milestone Media Universe Card Set).

Animal Mimicry (multi)-Sideshow-Milestone Media Universe Card Set

Coffin is an African god that can turn into any number of animals that appears in Toxic! #13 (Apocalypse).

Animal Mimicry (multi)-Coffin-Toxic! #13 (Apocalypse)

Menagerie can turn into animals and appears in Pantheon #7 (Lone Star Press).

Animal Mimicry (multi)-Menagerie-Pantheon #7 (Lone Star Press)

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