017) Animal Anatomy (multi)

Animal Anatomy (multi) – The person can turn into almost any type of animal imaginable.  Animal Anatomy in general is also known as Animal Form, Animal Mimicry, Animal Morphing, Animal Physiology, Animal Shapeshifting, Animality (Mortal Kombat), Animorphing, Beast Within (Bayonetta), Faunal Form, Fauna Morphing, Skinwalker Effect and Therianthropy.

Literary Critique of Animal Anatomy (multi) 

Beast Boy (DC) aka Changeling can turn into any animal ranging from a fly to a rhino (Tales of the New Teen Titans #3).

Animal Mimicry (multi)-Beast Boy-Tales of the New Teen Titans #3

Byth (DC) can turn into any animal from any planet which is a feat Beast Boy has not demonstrated (DC Who’s Who #3).

Animal Mimicry (multi)-Byth-DC Who's Who #3


Sideshow (Dakotaverse) can turn parts of his body into myriad animal shapes (Milestone Media Universe Card Set).

Animal Mimicry (multi)-Sideshow-Milestone Media Universe Card Set

Coffin is an African god that can turn into any number of animals that appears in Toxic! #13 (Apocalypse).

Animal Mimicry (multi)-Coffin-Toxic! #13 (Apocalypse)

Menagerie can turn into animals and appears in Pantheon #7 (Lone Star Press).

Animal Mimicry (multi)-Menagerie-Pantheon #7 (Lone Star Press)

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