076) Boot Manipulation

Boot Manipulation – The user can use boots for various superhuman effects. Boots for the purposes of this site include footwear in general. However, almost all magical or technologically advanced footwear takes on the form of boots.  A subcategory of (350) Power Bestowal (objects).

Literary Critique of Boot Manipulation 

Wonder Woman has been given the Sandals of Hermes.

In science fiction boots are generally used for flight.

Iron Man has rocket boots.

Puss in Boots is the first speculative fiction character with boots but the boots are not magic except for the fact that a cat is wearing them.

Dorothy Gale (Oz) can go anywhere in three steps in her silver slippers and explains their history to Cinderella (Vertigo) in Cinderella: Fables are Forever #6.

Star Lord has rocket boots.

Star Trek has Levitation boots.


Magic boots and mundane boots are used extensively in Trading Card Games.

Abyss Walkers Boots

Boots of Feather Fall

Boots of Justice

Boots of Mobility

Boots of Silence

Boots of Speed

Boots of Strudubg

Boots of the Resilient

DT1 Nice Boots Chief

Elven Chain Boots

Faith Healers Boots

Field Command Boots

Imperial Boots

Issued Officer Boots

Master Cannoneer Boots

MoH Rocket Boots

Moonstrider Boots

Sky Hunter Swift Boots

Sturdy Boots

Swiftfoot Boots

Trailblazers Boots

Judge Dredd – “A Clockwork Pineapple” – 2000 AD #743

Judge Dredd – “There’s Something About Four Marys” – 2000 AD #1116

Fastback (DC) has aero-pads in his boots that enable him to travel at superhuman speed in Who’s Who in the DC Universe #4.


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