223) Immortality (others)

Immortality (others) – The ability to make others immortal.  Immortality (other/self) is also known as Death Immunity, Deathless, Endless Life, Eternal Life, Everlasting Life and Immortal Physiology.

Literary Critique of Immortality (others)

In Fables 11#, Jack Horner (Vertigo) traps Death in a magic bag and the consequences are especially grisly.

Immortality (others)–Fables #11 15 Immortality (others)–Fables #11 19 Immortality (others)–Fables #11 20

Death in the Marvel universe can bar people from entering her domain which makes them immortal. The Grandmaster (Marvel) watches a baseball game after being exiled from Death’s domain (Avengers Annual #15).

Immortality (others)-Grandmaster exiled from death-Avengers Annual #15

Zeus (Marvel) turns Hercules (Marvel) into an immortal god in Incredible Hercules #129.

Immortality (others)–Incredible Hercules #129 (2009)

In Secret Wars II #6, the Beyonder (Marvel) kills death and the Molecule Man (Marvel) convinces the Beyonder that without Death then life is meaningless.

Immortality (others)–Secret Wars II #6-23 Immortality (others)–Secret Wars II #6-25 Immortality (others)–Secret Wars II #6-26

In Thor V1 190#, Odin (Marvel) kills Hela (Marvel), the Asgardian goddess of death, and this means that overpopulation makes life hell.

Immortality (others)–Thor #190-14 Immortality (others)–Thor #190-17

Tommy Tomorrow (DC), in Twilight, discovers the secret of immortality lies in eating a particular type of alien but the secret is soon shared with the galaxy. This version of Tommy Tomorrow becomes a monster in part because of his immortality.

Immortality (others)–Tommy Tomorrow-Twilight Book I-47 Immortality (others)–Tommy Tomorrow-Twilight Book I-49 Immortality (others)–Tommy Tomorrow-Twilight Book II-16

So, there are at least three comic book stories in which death is killed or trapped with terrible consequences when all living beings become immortal.

“Help Us Die” – Nightmare #1 (Skywald)


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