308) Mind Transfer

Mind Transfer – The ability to transfer one’s mind from one body to another body.  Mind Transfer is also known as Consciousness Projection, Consciousness Transferal and Mind Transferal.

Literary Critique of Mind Transfer

A mind displacer is used to transfer his mind to that of a Kryptonian criminal named Gor in Superman V1 #223.

Alaktor (DC) uses his Psycho-Changer in Adventure Comics #314 (1963).

Superboy (DC) and Krypto (DC) exchange minds in Action Comics #403 (1971).

Arnim Zola (Marvel) decided to transfer his consciousness into a stronger body with his head in the chest for better protection (Captain America V1 #209)!  Let’s see you have zero ability to blend in much less get a gal but your brain is better protected!  I guess Arnim never heard of helmets.

Mind Transfer–Arnim Zola-Captain America #209

Miracleman can transfer his mind from a normal body to a superhuman body but has to store the human body minus a conscious in underspace pictured below in Miracleman V1 #10 V1 (Eclipse).

Mind Transfer–Miracleman #10

The Qys in Miracleman teach Winter how to change bodies in Miracleman V1 #20 (Eclipse).

Mind Transfer–Miracleman #20

Noman (T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents) can move from one android body to another in T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #4 (Tower).


Doctor Silk (Valiant) has managed to live 2,000 years by transferring his mind into new bodies as needed in Valiant Universe Handbook 2016 Edition #1.


Hitler is tricked by the Red Skull (Marvel) to transfer his body into an inert cube in Super-Villain Team-Up V1 #1.

mind-transfer-hitler-super-villain-team-up-v1-17-14 mind-transfer-hitler-super-villain-team-up-v1-17-15 mind-transfer-hitler-super-villain-team-up-v1-17-16 mind-transfer-hitler-super-villain-team-up-v1-17-18

Kronin Krask (Marvel) foolishly tries to transfer his consciousness into the boy of Thor in Thor V1 #172.

mind-transfer-kronin-krask-thor-172-1970-18 mind-transfer-kronin-krask-thor-172-1970-19 mind-transfer-kronin-krask-thor-172-1970-20 mind-transfer-kronin-krask-thor-172-1970-21

Zendu may be boring but being in prison on Earth is much worse in “My Nightmare has no End, Tales to Astonish V1 #12.



An ironic tale of mind transfer in Tales to Astonish V1 #28.

mind-transfer-tales-to-astonish-v1-28-5 mind-transfer-tales-to-astonish-v1-28-6 mind-transfer-tales-to-astonish-v1-28-10 mind-transfer-tales-to-astonish-v1-28-11

Another ironic mind transfer tale in Many Ghosts of Dr. Graves #44 (Charlton).

Ultron has transferred his mind into the body of Adam Warlock (Marvel) and plans to do the same for his buddies in Annihilation Conquest #5.

TC-Mind Flip

Jimmy Olsen (DC) – “The Gorilla Reporter” – Superman’s Pal #116

Maniac 52000 AD #842

Rogue Trooper (Friday) – “Scavenger of Souls” – 2000 AD #873

Tharg’s Future Shocks – “Clone Wolf” – 2000 AD #866

Weird Comics #5 (Fox)

Fighting American #2 (Titan)

Hypernaut (Image) – 1963: Tales of The Uncanny

Rusty Noble – Noble Causes #25

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