175) Equus Anatomy

Equus Anatomy – The character has the form and/or characteristics of an Equus. The The Equus is a genus of mammals in the family Equidae, which includes horses, asses, and zebras.  A List of Disney Horses at my other web site.  Subcategory of (268) Mammalian Anatomy.

Trench is a zebra humanoid that appears in the Elephantmen (Image) comic book.

Equus Mimicry-Trench-Elephantmen (Image)

Aragon (Marvel) is the flying horse of the Black Knight and probably the most famous horse in the Marvel universe.

Equus Mimicry-Aragon-Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V2 #1

Comet (DC) is the most prominent horse in the DC universe and has a very weird origin story. In this scenario, Supergirl is treating a man like a horse which has all sort of fetish implications and specifically is animal roleplay.

Equus Mimicry-Comet-Action Comics #293 (1962)-23 Equus Mimicry-Comet-Action Comics #293 (1962)-24 Equus Mimicry-Comet-Action Comics #293 (1962)-25 Equus Mimicry-Comet-Action Comics #293 (1962)-26 Equus Mimicry-Comet-Action Comics #293 (1962)-27

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