482) Vision (time)

Vision (time) – This power includes the ability to perceive the future visually (clairvoyance), and/or see the past (retrocognition) and/or see multiple timelines at once.   Vision (time) is also known as Chrono Sense, Chrono Sight, Chrono Vision, Chronokinetic Sight, Chronokinetic Vision, Temporal Sense, Temporal Sight, Temporal View, Temporal Vision, Time Sense, Time Sight, Time View and Time Vision.  Similar to (356) Precognition which may or not involve visual input, (106) Combat Clairvoyance which is limited to a few seconds in the future and (363) Psychometry which depends on physical contact.

Literary Critique of Vision (time) 

Chronos (DC) experiences the time stream in Chronos V1 #1.

Vision (time)-Chronos V1 #11

Doctor Manhattan (DC) is a superhero that has this power.

Vision (time)-Doctor Manhattan

Galactus (Marvel) demonstrates this power in The Ultimates #5 (2016).

Vision (time)–Galactus-Ultimates #5 (2016)

Mordru (DC) cannot see the future because of Glorith (DC) and is not happy in Legion of Super-Heroes Annual V4 #1.

Vision (time)-Mordru vs Glorith-Legion of Super-Heroes Annual V4 #1-42 Vision (time)-Mordru vs Glorith-Legion of Super-Heroes Annual V4 #1-43 Vision (time)-Mordru vs Glorith-Legion of Super-Heroes Annual V4 #1-44

Ulysses Cain (Marvel) sees possible futures in Squadron Supreme V4 #9 (Marvel).

Vision (time)-Ulysses-Squadron Supreme V4 #9 (Marvel)

Lion-O shows He-Man a possible future in which Skeletor wins in He-Man – Thundercats #4 (DC).

vision-time-he-man-thundercats-4-19 vision-time-he-man-thundercats-4-20

L’Call (DC) sees the future of Superman in Action Comics #972 and his future doesn’t look good.


Alexander Solomon (Valiant) sees time as a web of choices in Harbinger Renegade #4.

Heimdall (Marvel) explains to Thor that he can see the future but the future looks back in All-New-All-Different Avengers #15. Is Heimdall referring to a temporal version of the observer effect?

Mister Hyde (Marvel) – Time Reversal Ray – Journey into Mystery #105

Maximus (Marvel) saw his entire future when he was born and that drove Maximus mad in Royals #12.

The Silent Monk has a vision of Old Man Logan killing him in the future which in turn becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy in Old Man Logan #11.

All you need to see the past or future is a pair of time googles!

Destiny (Marvel) is having a time vision overload in Immortal X-Men #3 (2022).

482) Vision (time)-Destiny-Immortal X-Men #3 (2022) - Page 12

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