124) Death Touch

Death Touch – The ability to kill a living being with a single touch.  Death Touch is also known as Death Evocation, Fatal Touch, Instant Death, Instant Killing, Killing Effect, Killing Touch, Necrogenesis and Physical Death Inducement.

Literary Critique of Death Touch 

Dim mak (simplified Chinese: 点脉; traditional Chinese: 點脈) is the martial arts “touch of death“. Count Dante claimed to be able to teach the touch of death in the sixties and seventies.

Death Touch-Count Dante

Hela (Marvel) can’t understand why mortals dislike her death touch in Thor V1 #189.

Death Touch-Hela-Thor V1 #189

Red Mask (DC) receives the death touch power from a meteorite in Animal Man V1 #7.

Death Touch-Red Mask-Animal Man V1 #7

The Black Racer is like the Silver Surfer with a death touch (DC Who’s Who #3).

Death Touch-Black Racer-DC Who's Who #3

Faora Hu-Ul (DC) is about to demonstrate a Kryptonian version of the death touch using the martial art Horo-Kanuin in Action Comics V1 #472 (DC).

Death Touch-Faora Hu-Ul-Action Comics V1 #472 (DC)

Mortis learns to revel in her death touch in X-Necrosha-The Gathering #1 (Marvel).

Death Touch-Mortis-X-Necrosha-The Gathering #1-30 Death Touch-Mortis-X-Necrosha-The Gathering #1-31 Death Touch-Mortis-X-Necrosha-The Gathering #1-33 Death Touch-Mortis-X-Necrosha-The Gathering #1-34

The Golden Age Black Widow (Marvel), no relation to the Silver Age superspy of the same name, can kill evildoers with a touch and reappears in the Modern Age in the miniseries The Twelve. The Black Widow explains her power to the Phantom Reporter in The Twelve #8.

Death Touch-The Twelve #8-7 Death Touch-The Twelve #8-10

In The Black Hand (Alterna) Victoria Addair has the death touch but it works on the undead not the living (Alterna AnniverSERIES – Character Guide).

Death Touch-The Black Hand-Alterna AnniverSERIES - Character Guide (2016)

Accident Man studies with a kung fu teacher in order to learn the death touch in Toxic! #10 (Apocalypse).

Death Touch-Accident Man-Toxic! #10 (Apocalypse)-27 Death Touch-Accident Man-Toxic! #10 (Apocalypse)-28

Death-Stalker (Marvel) uses technology to kill opponents with a touch (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #13).

Death Touch-Death-Stalker-Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe V1 #13

The death touch can be a mercy as demonstrated in On a Pale Horse #1 (Innovation).

Orpheus (Vertigo) is given literally a kiss of death in The Sandman-Brief Lives V7 (2011).

Death Jr #1  (Image)


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