366) Radiation Immunity

Radiation Immunity – The ability to not suffer from the ill effects of radiation.

In Avengers V1 #8, Kang the Conqueror (Marvel) informs the Avengers that all inhabitants of the 40th Century have radiation immunity.

Radiation Immunity-Kang-Avengers V1 #8

As a human, Lex Luthor can wear a kryptonite ring whose radiation keeps Superman at bay. However, Lex Luthor does develop cancer because of the ring eventually.

Radiation Immunity-Lex Luthor-Kryptonite Ring

In the DC Silver Age you could glow due to radioactivity but not die (Detective Comics V1 #301, Jimmy Olsen V1 #17)!

Radiation Immunity-OS-Batman-Detective Comics V1 #301 Radiation Immunity-OS-Jimmy Olsen V1 #17

Night Owl (DC) – MF254 Watchmen Sourcebook

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