051) Astral Awareness

Astral Awareness – The ability to perceive astral forms. Also known as Assensing (Shadowrun), Astral Perception,  Supernatural Perception and Wizard Eyes (Adventure Time).

Literary Critique of Astral Awareness 

If you are (054) Astral Traveling then you can see others in their astral form.  There are countless stories with Doctor Strange (Marvel) interacting with other characters in their astral form.  However, astral awareness by a character that cannot do astral traveling is unusual!  The Hulk (Marvel) can see the astral form of Doctor Strange and have conversations with him in this form (Marvel Feature V1 #1).  This was very handy when Doctor Strange needed to summon the Hulk to a meeting of the Defenders.

 Astral Awareness-Hulk-Marvel Feature V1 #1 (1971)


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